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#4 Product of the DayDecember 03, 2018

👥 The number one marker for success of a product is the amount of potential customers you know.

You're likely bad at keeping in touch with them, to help you out I built Kit.

Keep In touch is an app that helps you cultivate better relationships with the people you care the most about.


  • Francesco Di Lorenzo
    Francesco Di LorenzoFull-stack developer

    - Free

    - Very simple to use

    - The dev is super-responsive to feedback for fixes and new features


    - The product is quite young and has some UX shortcomings

    - The feature set is still small

    All in all, I can see myself using KIT daily, especially considering the fact that it's getting better by the hour with the restless effort the dev is putting in it.

    Francesco Di Lorenzo has used this product for one month.
  • Sergio Mattei
    Sergio MatteiStudent maker and founder

    Responsive Dev


    Great technology


    None so far

    Great work Ferrucio!

    Sergio Mattei has used this product for one day.


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Ferruccio Balestreri
Ferruccio BalestreriMaker@frcbls · Maker // Student
👋 Hi PH Today is an exciting day for me, I’m finally launching Kit When I first had the idea of building something like this I didn’t know how to code. I had just finished reading Derek Sivers's book “Anything you want” and thought that it would’ve been great to turn a blog post of his into a product. So around a month ago I was surprised to read a blog post by Daniel Gross on project ideas that contained a Personal CRM. Around the same time I had also received an email from Xan Ditkoff about the app mining program Blockstack is running. It came natural to me to put all these elements together and build Kit on Blockstack. The main advantages in building it this way are: 🔐 Privacy and Security: There is no central point of failure as every user effectively owns their own data and has a unique key to encrypt and decrypt it. 👤 Authentication: Using Blockstack authentication is extremely easy and fast 🆓 Free, but Sustainable: As I’m not hosting any of the data the costs of running Kit are close to zero, further updates and fixes are funded by Blockstack’s App Mining program Another cool thing I’m experimenting with this product is the concept of continuous 1% improvements. I find that the products that I love using the most are dynamic and always addressing the most pressing issues, so I think that what really makes kit stand out from any other product is that I’m always listening or thinking about creative ways to make the product more useful, usable and accessible. Let me know what you think about this and checkout my Roadmap and Source Code to contribute. Yours truly, Ferruccio Special Acknowledgements This product was only possible because of the contributions of these awesome people and communities: Makers Kitchen Makerlog Blockstack Slack Pioneer and all the kind people that chimed in my threads on Twitter or DMd me some feedback like @frankdilo @harowitzblack and @deadcoder0904
Naveed Shah
Naveed Shah@armyofnaveed · Hunter of Products
@frcbls the "Start Now" link isn't working in Safari on Mac "because MacOS doesn't recognize internet addresses starting with 'blockstack:'."
Ben@harowitzblack · 🍵
Nice job Ferruccio!
Ferruccio Balestreri
Ferruccio BalestreriMaker@frcbls · Maker // Student
@harowitzblack I knew you would comment with that GIF 😃
Alan Ng.
Alan Ng.Pro@nguy_n_hung_tu_n1 · Marketing Manager at Habitify
Go go go! Beautiful landing page! Very great concept actually.
Ferruccio Balestreri
Ferruccio BalestreriMaker@frcbls · Maker // Student
@nguy_n_hung_tu_n1 Thanks Alan! I consider Kit still in it's infancy and I can't wait to implement a lot of features to make it more accessible. I'm also experimenting with incremental 1% improvements on it, as the products I love are dynamic and evolve with their user needs
Akshay Kadam(A2K)@deadcoder0904 · Maker of all things JavaScript 😘
This might be my favorite Blockchain app
Ferruccio Balestreri
Ferruccio BalestreriMaker@frcbls · Maker // Student
@deadcoder0904 oooh I’m flattered 😄
@deadcoder0904 @frcbls Is there any way to bulk import contacts? .csv maybe?
Ferruccio Balestreri
Ferruccio BalestreriMaker@frcbls · Maker // Student
@deadcoder0904 @realnegotiator there is an import contacts feature, but at the moment it works well only with contacts previously exported from the app. I think I'm going to create another standalone app at just dedicated to contact importing with more advanced features, it will take a while though as it's not that easy to do this in a privacy first way
Laurent Senta@new_user_bec1af815c · Freelancer / Distributed / Blockchain
I like the concept and the tech you use is convincing! A few notes: - Move the "Add Contact" above the list, it's taking ages to scroll down to add many people - Add a notes / website field, when it's business related its not enough to keep a Firstname / Lastname and I'm not confident with your security to leave emails. yet. - Show me their social media once in a while, that'd be awesome to catch up when things are moving for them!
Ferruccio Balestreri
Ferruccio BalestreriMaker@frcbls · Maker // Student
@new_user_bec1af815c Moving the Add Contact on the top for sure and adding the notes section soon too as it was already a planned feature On the security side you can check the code and see for yourself that I have no access to anyone's contents. All communications and files are also encrypted using Blockstack's own protocol using your ID's private key, so no one can access it!