An email client that works like a kanban board

Kanmail is an email client that works like kanban board. Keep your emails organised by dragging them between columns just like a Kanban board. View multiple streams of email messages in parallel. Abuse your inbox as a todo list, we'll support you!
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Looks amazing, will try it out. Having the option show messages from all accounts at once is a blessing for me.
@benjami60829997 Thank for the feedback
@benjami60829997 Amen. I, too, need to see everything at once. I'm not a fan of email. I prefer chat.This layout makes email look more manageable to get through. Nice job!
Great idea! the funny thing is, that I am already organizing my emails like this: - everything that needs reply stays in inbox - everything where I am waiting for an answer stays in Sent - important emails are stored in a separate folder
@ludwig_stumpp I never thought of using Sent like that!
That look super slick, congrats on launching it!
Looks good. Good luck on the launch.
Looks amazing. I love it.