Just tell Julie

Turn overdue invoices into customer services opportunities

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Tori Bunte
Tori Bunte@stttories · PMM, HPE Storage
I love that she offers a 30-day reminder via newsletter. It's smart as hell. Not sure if this just launched, but I would be curious to see the conversion rate on her newsletter.
Julie DelanoyPro@syswarren · Design at Product Hunt
I could use another Julie to get my clients to pay me... :)
Julie Elster
Julie ElsterMaker@julie_elster · Just Tell Julie
I am happy to answer specific questions about my service!
Aaron Hanson
Aaron Hanson@crixlet
@julie_elster Such a great idea and a needed service. Would love to hear an example call of your thermonuclear niceness ;)
Julie Elster
Julie ElsterMaker@julie_elster · Just Tell Julie
@crixlet it's all about customer service. I'm not here to argue about payment. I'm here to be completely understanding that the invoice accidentally went into spam. Or you thought your assistant paid it last week. Or you were on vacation and forgot. (The excuses I hear daily) Gosh! I hate when that happens to me! I can take the payment over the phone right now if that's easiest for you!
Jonathan Frankel
Jonathan Frankel@jfrankel13 · Founder & CEO, Nucleus
Will Julie also call my mother-in-law for me? ;-)
Julie Elster
Julie ElsterMaker@julie_elster · Just Tell Julie
@jfrankel13 I might need a higher fee for that!! :)
★ Karan Goel ☂
★ Karan Goel ☂@karangoel · Engineer @ Google
And what happens if the conversation goes sideways and I end up loosing a high-value client forever? No guarantees about that?
aj@ajlkn · Maker of stuff.
@karangoel Well, you should probably handle "high-value" clients directly anyway :)