Just a Line is an app that lets you make simple drawings in augmented reality, then share your creation with a short video. Touch the screen to draw, then hit record and share what you make. If you’re a developer, you can use the open-sourced code as a starter project for ARCore, or RecordableSurfaceView to grab mp4 video in any Android project.

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Looks Awesome! Let the created lines be public. So that when other people come to the same place, they can see what others drew there.
@maninder_singh_taggar Would be awesome with optional layers for users
@maninder_singh_taggar I predict many inappropriate drawings
@allxflores just like social media post filtering, it can also be managed. But Yeah i would be fun to draw something on my neighbours wall
There is an app called Paint AR that does this and it’s been out for several months
@halfdanj @alexanderchen @thedantheman @pitaru Google's experiments are always so fascinating 😻 Can you give us some insights on what it's like to work on experiments within Google?
Thanks! You might find this article interesting where we talked a bit about it: https://www.fastcodesign.com/901...
For iOS, try World Brush, it also records video.
Great job!! 😊