A simple job board for junior & graduate level roles πŸŽ“

Find and post junior and graduate jobs for free.

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There are very few postings (as it is new I think) but I hope more companies will post here. Amazing Idea!


Idea and design


Some touch ups can make it great. example: No form validations for mailing list.

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I like the idea, also love the design!! Congrats
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@binumathew1 Thanks very much man, i would appreciate more feature you would like to see.
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Really like the idea! You should add the number of people in your list to make it a no brainer for me to post there.
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@shobhitic Thanks, i am currently working on that.
Stick to the design and font, feels refreshingly different. But, there is very little content on the site, work on it,
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@i_shank Thanks very much, yeah i just finished and i am still crawling for more data. I will get it up in a few days. Thanks very much
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