Jumpshare for Windows

Incredibly fast, real-time file sharing


Ejaz Asi
  • Pros: 

    Reliable and fast


    not enough people know about it

    Excellent customer service, not just a file-sharing website but tons of features you would love

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Ghaus Iftikhar
Ghaus IftikharMaker@nakodari · Founder, Jumpshare
Hey everyone, It feels great to see Jumpshare here again! Last time, you propelled us to the top of Featured hunts, and made Jumpshare for Mac the most upvoted file sharing app on Product Hunt. I sincerely thank you all for your amazing response! Today we’re delighted to introduce an all-new Windows app! Just drag and drop your files to the system tray and a link will be instantly copied to your clipboard, ready to be shared. If you’re looking for a more personal way to share your files, you can email them directly from the app. To help you share even faster, Jumpshare now comes with the ability to capture and annotate screenshots, record screencasts, voice clips, and compose notes. By replacing several apps in your daily workflow, Jumpshare helps you be more productive. There’s less juggling between multiple apps; more meaningful work. When you share files with Jumpshare, your recipients don’t just receive a link for downloading them. Their landing page shows them upload progress in real-time, and we load files as soon as they are ready. The powerful file viewer supports 200+ formats, so everything from documents, images, videos, and audio files to Photoshop, Illustrator, fonts, eBooks, and code files load flawlessly! To close the feedback loop, you can track file views in real-time. Jumpshare sends push notifications when files shared via email are viewed or downloaded by recipients. Our users say they love how real-time tracking enables them to follow up with team-mates and clients at just the right time. It doesn’t end there: Jumpshare Plus gives you more advanced sharing options, 1TB of storage, custom branding and domain, Analytics and more: https://jumpshare.com/plus Product Hunters get 20% OFF for the first year (applies to yearly subscription). Just email us after you upgrade and we will refund you 20% of the amount. I am excited to get feedback from the Product Hunt community, and happy to answer any questions.
Jord Riekwel
Jord RiekwelHunter@larkef · Designer of kick-ass logos since 2007.
I use Jumpshare on my Mac every day. This version is great for those on Windows. The app is interesting both for people that just want to upload files, or power users that want a plethora of awesome features. Jumpshare also has awesome customer support. They reply fast on Twitter, and I have emailed them bugs and requests before and they are quick to fix and implement them.
Ghaus Iftikhar
Ghaus IftikharMaker@nakodari · Founder, Jumpshare
@larkef Thank you so much for the kind words Jord! We are doing our best to delight our users. :)
Saad Hamid
Saad Hamid@saadgh · invest2innovate
Really! I love JumpShare. You would be surprised if I tell you that I use it for project management but coupled with Slack, this is definitely a productivity booster.
Ghaus Iftikhar
Ghaus IftikharMaker@nakodari · Founder, Jumpshare
@saadgh Thank you Saad! This is exactly why we built Jumpshare, to make collaboration as fast as possible. Let us know if there is anything we can do to make it even better.
Jabran Rafique
Jabran Rafique@jabranr · Software Engineer (Web)
Totally love Jumpshare, it's design and continuous updates that make it even better each time in terms of UX and UI. The Windows users definitely are going to enjoy a quality product.
Ghaus Iftikhar
Ghaus IftikharMaker@nakodari · Founder, Jumpshare
@jabranr Thank you Jabran! Glad you like it. Happy sharing! :)
Anthony Painter
Anthony Painter@a12rj · operations, investor, problem solver
Highly recommend Jumpshare to all. An essential part of being productive every day.
Ghaus Iftikhar
Ghaus IftikharMaker@nakodari · Founder, Jumpshare
@a12rj Happy to hear that Anthony! :)