Load external JS libraries in your favorite console

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Hey, PH-ers! "JSconsole" is a chrome extension that I made out of my own need to have a way to quickly load external JS libraries directly inside my developer console. I have a problem with my developer console (⌘ + ⌥ + i on Mac or Ctrl + Shift + i on windows || Linux). It’s very smart and has a lot of built-in features but one thing that is missing is it can’t load the other libraries directly inside it. For example what if I want jQuery, Lodash, Moment etc in my current working console context? - Load any library by name or URL with the latest version. - Search any library just by name. - Clear your console directly. and much more! You can also contribute on Github: https://github.com/jsconsole Hope this app help others save time and do some really cool js experiments within your developer console. Very excited to read suggestions, comments, feature requests :)
Helpful 😎 Now I don't need to copy & paste whole JS in console 👍
@theharshin Yes and even you don't need to search it anywhere :) Get it directly in your developer console :)
As someone getting their feet wet with both front end and backend JS, this is perfect. I'll come back and update once I can use it and have some good feedback. 😸🤓
@thesethkerr sure. Please do share your feedback directly in your console :)
This is so nice! I specially like the API and the experience inside the console. Well done Rachit 👌
@chinchang457 Thanks :). Somewhat inspired from your lovely WebMaker :)
Good stuff. Still struggling to get this working on my machine but am sure this is useful.
@labnol Can you elaborate your problem? Hopefully, I will be able to help you. You just need to open chrome developer console and type `js.doc` to get it started :)
@3e524d8efcce4ba A reload and turn on Page Access for all sites fixed the issue. Thanks.
@labnol Great :) !!!!