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Joy helps couples plan their wedding from engagement to honeymoon and everything in-between. Couples get a sleek and modern wedding website, iPhone/Android app and a dashboard to manage their entire wedding in one place. With Joy couples can: - Manage their guest list - Send Save the Dates, Invites and collect RSVPs - Share their wedding details like story, schedule, registry, wedding party, travel details etc - Capture their wedding photos from everyone's point of view and have a live slideshow at reception - Send push notifications with important updates to all their guests And guests can: - Access all the wedding details on the app - Get driving directions, save events to their calendars, book hotels/flights - Meet and connect with other guests at the wedding - Get helpful notifications like parking locations, dress code etc. Joy is totally customizable to match couple's wedding style. It has granular privacy controls and it is extremely modular so the couple can just use what you want and leave out what they don't. We at Joy truly want to modernize wedding technology, hope you share it with your friends who are getting married.
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@vishaljoshi Nice! Funnily when I was 16/17 and had 'dreams' of starting my own company - I started working on something that was essentially this - one stop shop for weddings. Obviously this is executed beautifully! Really dig it :) Also with so many guests at a wedding, having their collective input with pictures etc in one place is an awesome idea. Whats next for the Joy team?
@bentossell Thanks much for the endorsement. Next, we are focused on making Joy feel like a bridesmaid or a very close friend who is by couples side throughout their wedding journey and understands the context to do things which would feel magical. For example, she would remind the couple that "Hey it is time to send out the invite" or "It is time to book your photographer". Maybe even softly nudge the groom that "There are exactly 3 months left to the wedding, I am sure she will appreciate a gift ;)" or to tell a guest coming from San Francisco to Seattle that "Don't forget to bring a coat, it might get chilly".
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@bentossell Also even in this day and age it is fascinating that the entire guest management and RSVP problem has not been solved well by anyone, that is the immediate focus for our team right now. Sarah at TechCrunch, who is getting married very soon described what we are immediately working on very well take a look at her article if you get a chance https://techcrunch.com/2016/08/1...
@vishaljoshi cool I'll read it! Yeah an AI maid of honour almost haha :)
Such a great idea and beautiful interface. Great job, guys 😍
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Joy is amazing! Can't wait to get married so I can finally use Joy :)
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Great execution guys and girls. Please add integration to send out those fancy paper invitations for the more senior guests of the party and you are all set.
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@juhslk Michael here from the product design team. It's in the works! Seamless integration between the real and virtual world. :)
<3 Joy. Using it for my own wedding.
@justinkan Thanks Justin! We are eagerly looking forward to your feedback and hearing about your guests' impression of Joy. Happy wedding planning :)