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Save links, write notes, and organize files and messages from all your apps in one place.

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    Intuitive, user-friendly, efficient


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    I love Journal, and am thrilled at how much it will help me with my work. I am always in the middle of 4-6 projects that are ongoing and can't be completed in one sitting. These are diverse projects and require different resources. So what typically happens is that I end up with about 50 browser windows open just waiting for me to get back to that particular project. Inevitably this freezes up the computer and . . . well, you know the rest of that story. Spaces give me a way to keep all of these projects and their associated resources organized and readily available without clogging up my RAM. It really is already an invaluable tool for the way I work. And it's so easy and intuitive to learn.

    PSYCH PSTUFF has used this product for one month.
  • Parker Tenpas
    Parker Tenpasdata munger

    - Great UI (think Trello/Slack)

    - Major improvement on dated browser bookmark systems

    - The search just works and is very Slack-like


    - Will require some set up time to make this your go to organizer but most things work right out of the box.

    Was lucky to be a part of the beta. Overall I love the UI. It feels like Trello and Slack colluded to replace Chrome Bookmarks. I could definitely see dumping the dated browser bookmark system for Journal just based on the link+space system alone. The search feels very Slack like and is great. If I got enough stuff in here I could see setting this as a default browser homepage.

    Parker Tenpas has used this product for one month.
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Sam DeBrule
Sam DeBruleMaker@samdebrule · Co-Founder, Journal
Hey Product Hunt community! We started Journal with the goal of reducing information overload, and to see what would be possible if our knowledge  -  about people, projects, and ideas -  was connected and easily accessible. We think of what we're building as a new kind of journal. You write notes in it, save interesting links, and drop in important documents and messages for later. When you need something, ask Journal, and it helps you find it. Eventually, we see it becoming a connected home to gather and share knowledge. You use the best services for issues, documents, messaging and more — and Journal ties them all together. We currently support integrations to Google (Gmail, Calendar, Drive) Slack, Dropbox (Files and Paper), Evernote, Pocket, and Atlassian (Jira and Confluence) . We're coming out of community beta today, and would love to hear your feedback! **If you'd like an early access code, comment "Yes!" and I will DM one to you ASAP.**
Brennon Denny
Brennon Denny@brennon_denny · Creating Things @ DennyDevHQ 💡
Anton  Makarov
Anton Makarov@mxboxm · Founder,
Cecelia Shao
Cecelia Shao@ceceliashao · Dartmouth '16—Product Lead @
Starting using Journal to document interesting, relevant web links for my email newsletter and haven't stopped! As a product person, I'll collect user feedback from a wide range of channels — this means feedback from Slack, emails, websites like Github, paper notes from video meetings (the list goes on and on). Getting to insights around the feedback would definitely not be as quick and effective without Journal. If you find yourself struggling to pull key pieces of information for work or a personal project, I would highly recommend Journal — it helps provide context to disparate and disorganized information. It's incredibly easy to use with a beautiful UI and the flexibility of a web browser-based or application version. I'm really excited to see where Journal continues to add value (and a bit of sanity in a crazy workweek) for users 🤩!
Sam DeBrule
Sam DeBruleMaker@samdebrule · Co-Founder, Journal
@ceceliashao 🙌 Thanks so much for the kind words Cece!
Melanie Hendrix
Melanie Hendrix@melanie_h · Technology marketing
I thought I was pretty happy with a different note-taking app that I won't dig on here, but I was using its web version and one day it totally lost the last three notes I had taken, in which I had documented various information-gathering conversations I'd had with co-workers and clients. The note titles were all still there; the note contents were not. It was the kind of setback (and honestly, shock) I haven't experienced since the days of forgetting to save a Word doc and then the power goes out. Only this note-taking tool was supposed to be saving my work automatically, and my Internet connection was fine. So I moved to Journal. I'm using it daily and really enjoying it. I absolutely love the ability to connect gmail and slack and other apps (even that other note-taking app, which I'll keep until I can transfer all its contents). In my job I gather information from multiple people and sources all the time, and it ends up living across various channels - Journal understands this and enables me to search and pull information from all of them. Within Journal I've created spaces for various projects (like content we're creating and campaigns we're running) and events (like a conference we're going to). Within each space I've created various sections for notes (which I take with text blocks), to-do lists, and links to emails, web content, and more. Another thing I love about Journal is the reading list I am able to create and organize. Before, I never really had a great place to place and label all the things I wanted to read. One thing I'm excited to see in Journal, hopefully soon, is the ability to collapse sections - I do tend to take detailed notes in meetings, so my sections for those are really long. Ultimately I am a huge fan of Journal - it is a great organizational and productivity tool and I highly recommend it.
Sam DeBrule
Sam DeBruleMaker@samdebrule · Co-Founder, Journal
@melanie_h Thanks for sharing your experience, Melanie. Excited to keep making Journal better for you (including the collapsible sections!) 🥇
Brian Ficho
Brian Ficho@brian_ficho
I have multiple google drive accounts and this app is a lifesaver when I'm looking for files. It saves me a ton of time searching through each individually.
Floris van Eck
Floris van Eck@florisvaneck · AR/VR Researcher
How is this different from I have been using that service for a while as a subscriber and it is fabulous. More activity in this space is always welcome!
Sam DeBrule
Sam DeBruleMaker@samdebrule · Co-Founder, Journal
@florisvaneck 👋 Hey Floris - Great question! First thing first, we think Notion is an awesome tool. The biggest difference is Journal's ability to help you get back to/retrieve information from all the places your info lives. Like @melanie_h said above, "In my job I gather information from multiple people and sources [slack, gmail, and others] all the time, and it ends up living across various channels - Journal understands this and enables me to search and pull information from all of them." We think you should continue to use your favorite services for messaging, email, docs, spreadsheets, etc. because you have your own preferences and each does something really well. When you need to pull the distinct pieces (links, emails, docs, etc.) together to learn more about a topic or work on a project, Journal makes it easy with search that works across your apps, quick notes to annotate everything, and views that show relevant info next to your events and contacts. Hope that helps!