JotForm + Slack Integration

JotForm meets Slack for ultimate collaboration tool

Integrate JotForm with Slack to automatically send form submissions to Slack channels or DMs. Work collaboratively with coworkers to generate leads, handle customer inquiries, process orders, and more.
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We’re so excited to announce JotForm’s integration with Slack. The idea behind it is simple. We wanted JotForm users to get form responses delivered to the communication channel they use most. Now teams using Slack have a fluid way to get notified, discuss, and act upon new information sent through forms the moment it happens. This is going to be an enormous help teams working in sales, customer support, design, marketing, and more. We hope you enjoy the integration, and I welcome any feedback or questions you have!
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What does the integration add compared to just having slack open in its own tab/window?
@mildredalex4 Hi Mildred, the integration removes the need for someone to sit in front of the computer and manually direct the form submission to a related Slack channel or person. The process automatically takes place as the form submission automatically is directed to the related channel or person. As an example, we can give support inquiries. Once you integrate your support form with Slack, customer inquiries can be sent to a general #support channel or even to a specific support teammate. Once a form is submitted, each channel or person included in the integration will be automatically notified. This will reduce the time it takes to respond to customers, making them happy and more likely to do repeat business. Hope that helps! Please feel free to ask away if you have further questions :)
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I get that Zapier is another paid product but i hypothesize that everyone who wanted this already set it up
Thank You for the content