Make the most of your form data with JotForm Report Builder. Collect online form and survey responses anywhere — then automatically convert them into eye-catching reports to uncover new business insights and share them with clients, coworkers, or stakeholders.
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Hey Product Hunters! @meseali , thank you for hunting us! Today, we’re excited to announce JotForm Report Builder — a powerful reporting feature that’s a year in the making! You can automatically turn your survey, poll, feedback, or order form data into stunning charts and tables that are easy to analyze, present, and share with others. Just like our Form Builder and PDF Editor, JotForm Report Builder gives you full control over the look of your reports. You can add your logo and choose a color palette that reflects your brand, use different icons and chart options to show off your data in a unique way, and turn on data filters to gain important insights. Since you don’t want just anyone to access your form data, we offer multiple options to enhance your privacy — including options to share reports with company members only or to add expiration dates for your live reports. If you’d like to make your data public, you can embed a live report in your website that automatically updates as new form data comes in. Let us know what you think in the comments below. Thank you for your feedback!
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@aytekintank Excited to use this to create customer feedback reports and share them with my colleagues. Looks sharp, too! I especially like the live reporting feature that updates reports automatically when new form submissions come through. Keep up the good work guys 💪
Another GREAT tool in the flow of data! Now many data collectors can create their workflows, from data collecting to presenting the outcomes, without spending any second. It was easy to create a flow which we can collect data and analyze it but now it is even faster, cooler and more elegant! Also, the ready-to-use presentation templates are fabulous. It creates another perspective to `The Easiest Online Form Builder` motto by creating Reports/Presentations in a second. It automatically fits the type of the data I've collected before and provides the flexibility of the JotForm we used to from other products. I can modify my presentation charts, colors and permissions in a click. It is a great step to be an `All in one` product. I believe many of data collectors will move their whole workflows into JotForm. Great work!
@omergulenn WOW, couldn't have said it better myself Ömer! It's always great to see such comments, perfectly summarizes product's functionality. Thanks 😊
This is very nice! Are the embedded reports updating in real time too?
@adrian_volcinschi Thank you for that great question Adrian! The embedded reports actually are updating in real time, so your data is always up to date!
There is a book called, Draw To Win by Dan Roam, teaches you how to win new business using visuals, could be a companion book to go along with this app. Great app and watch out for MS trying to steal your idea...this would be perfect addon for PowerPoint.
@sharpguy1968 That's an amazing comment Richard, visuals can indeed create the difference between winning or losing new business by helping companies convey their message more clearly. Thanks 😊
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I really loved the 'set it up once and let the data flow with JotForm' aspect. This automation will save me crazy amount of time and energy instead of getting the data and creating the same charts over and over again with each update in the data. Not to mention transferring them between products to create presentations each time. Doing all of these at once with one product is really amazing and well thought. Thank you for the great product!
@scientisto To hear this after all the hard work to create the product definitely makes the JotForm team feel sublime! Thank you for your comment Dido 😊