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All your embarrassing photos should now be posted on LinkedIn.
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@nivo0o0 how many people get rejected from a job because of their Facebook activity after this?! "I'm sorry, we could overlook the silly memes, videos etc but the memories you share make you look like a trainwreck of a person to be around"
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@bentossell @nivo0o0 The statistics are actually pretty high, I believe as many as 70% of recruiters rejected a candidate based on social media
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@gabriel__lewis @nivo0o0 exactly... so after this, bound to go up
@bentossell @gabriel__lewis @nivo0o0 Not necessarily... the reality is that for MOST people [i.e. read that to mean 95%+] are NOT putting up a 'real' version of themselves and most Recruiters are aware of that... Recruiters will get more a sense of political views, a person's reaction to current events etc than anything else... do I think that's an issue - for me no, but it could be for some... If you think that's a problem, check out what Facebook can figure out about you in a few hours/days with Data Selfie [https://www.producthunt.com/post...]... now that's really scary.
@emmanuel_lemor @gabriel__lewis @nivo0o0 hmmm 95% seems pretty high... if anyone looks through my Facebook then they see pretty much everything
LinkedIn is way too pricey, and seems to only have one expensive model. They could use a healthy dose of competition.
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@sean_murphy what 3 in mails isn't enough for your $29 a month subscription ?!?
@gabriel__lewis @sean_murphy Every couple of months I get emailed to try their premium service again so I get those precious 3 in-mails for free and then cancel it as quick as I can to avoid the $10 per in-mail charge :)
@sean_murphy There is competition. There are 1000's of jobboards.
Another attempt at Facebook to court professionals. I just don't see it happening, especially now that we're all politically polarized. What are the chances that your potential employer will agree with all your political likes and shares?
@joshconstine covered this release in TechCrunch: Facebook’s new job opening posts poach business from LinkedIn You can access the jobs page here or the jobs bookmark Facebook audience is HUGE - even compared to Linkedins 400M+ user base. Will be interesting if Facebook can become a big player here. 2/3 job seekers are already employed so it will be interesting to see if users coming across a job from brands they follow on Facebook etc will be a big factor in the space. (parts covered by Josh in the article)
@idmtr yeah I fixed it all and put the correct links :)
@bentossell 10x for the fix. It would be interesting to see how people will react to this in regard of privacy concerns. It's no secret employees look at Facebook profiles of potential candidates anyway!
Just what I have been wanting, employers looking back through my private facebook feed.