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Hey all, co-founder of JobHero alongside @jetfault & @smancevski. Thanks @erictwillis for posting us! When JobHero launched as a job search dashboard last year, we had a primitive but popular bookmarklet that let users scrape job details from web pages. Today, the JobHero Sidekick is easier to use, has a better UI, and comes in extension form. It's also integrated with a ton of job boards (including Indeed, Glassdoor, AngelList, LinkedIn...) -- when you use JobHero on an integrated site, it automatically grabs the relevant info off the page & saves it to your dashboard, hassle free. If we're less familiar with the page, you'll be able to quickly highlight parts of the description for a less automatic (but still awesome) save of the listing. It's all about turning technology & tools recruiters have been using for years over to the job seeker. A job seeker uses 16 sources on average during a search. There are more sites than ever catering to both general and niche career/job needs. Too many! Let's remove 'job search skill' and 'time spent' as barriers to a better job and, ultimately, better career. Happy to answer any questions!
Brought back my bookmark bar just for this, and happy to see it made into an extension so I can remove the bookmark bar once more. Super excited to see how smart the parsing is. I'd really love to have a quick send feature in the extension so I could just send the pertinent information via notification or email to someone I think would be a good fit for the position.
Guys, this is really good! Love the way it works with sites that aren't integrated, it's simple and effective.
Job seekers can use the JobHero Sidekick extension to save job listings from any website into a central dashboard. The Sidekick is integrated with most major job boards for one click saving of jobs and otherwise lets you quickly highlight & save important job description details off any web page. From the dashboard, you can track your application progress, organize your research, and set reminders for follow ups.
@sherveen I have been using JobHero and love it so far...any plans for an iPhone native app?
@peterschussheim Glad to hear you're loving it, Peter! We do have long-term plans for native mobile apps, but the resources aren't there quite yet. Soon! In the meantime, we will be vastly improving the responsiveness of the dashboard on mobile by cutting down on a ton of visual UI elements. It should be much more usable after that update (sometime in Feb).