Jammy Guitar

Portable steel string digital guitar made to play anywhere


Jammy is a super-portable guitar with the real steel strings and a direct 1/8" audio output. No need for any additional apps or gear — you can play Jammy with regular earphones or an amp. NOW AVAILABLE FOR PRE-ORDERS ON INDIEGOGO!

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  • Andriy Slynchuk
    Andriy SlynchukCommunity Manager @ Jammy Guitar

    Unique construction


    Same as pros

    I see the great possibility of using this gadget as a MIDI-controller for musicians with guitar-only background that want to switch to making synthesized music

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  • Pros: 

    It looks cool, it's portable, hell, you could bring it to school and just jam out. Its such a good idea for guitar lovers everywhere


    I'm not to sure if you could do bends, or go all the way up to 24 frets. I also don't know about different tunings, changing out the strings

    Since this hasn't been released yet, I don't know how Jammy will work, but these are my opinions before the launch. (I'm also waiting on the price range!)

  • Pavel Pavlenko
    Pavel PavlenkoCo-founder and COO @ HelpCrunch

    Very small and this is really cool. The concept is just awesome!


    Not sure if I can shift the chords precisely with the slider construction. Though it's a minor con as we humans can adapt ourselves :)

    Guys, please let me know when this stuff is available!

  • Kristina Zagorulko
    Kristina ZagorulkoPR at StopAd, app explorer

    It's handy, it allows sound streaming directly to your headphones - you can practice anywhere without disturbing others.


    I should consult with the airport staff to find out if it will be allowed to take Jammy on a plane)

    Great device!

  • Kateryna Rud
    Kateryna RudDigital Marketing Specialist

    Always with you to squeeze practice hours in the busiest schedule


    May require adjustment since it's a digital guitar

    Lets you play anywhere without compromising the guitar sound range

  • Dmitry Shemet
    Dmitry ShemetCEO, RnD64

    Portablity & fun



    Allows you to be a musician everywehere

  • Pros: 

    I may be biased, but I LOVE that Jammy is a) smart b) portable. It's also the design. It's just awesome.


    It is compact and allows sound streaming directly to your headphones, so you can take it to the office. Hence, zero productivity at work :)

    It's smart, sleek, handy to use.

  • Pros: 



    Expression, bends?

    Want playing to be as natural and similar to a normal guitar as possible. Looks cool!

  • Mihail Babayan
    Mihail BabayanMihail Babayan

    Direct output to earphones


    Would love to see more colors to choose from, like green, for example

    Great addition to my guitar collection

  • Pros: 



    Don't know

    Think it will be my first guitar

  • Fergus Gregory
    Fergus GregoryChief Commercial Officer, Zapnito

    very portable, looks great, love the action


    could be seen as gimmicky,

    great potential, will rely on getting influencer strategy right, perhaps some serious guitarists endorsing it might help a credible launch

  • Anton Kurinnyi
    Anton KurinnyiMobile User Acquisition Hero

    Just amazing realization of idea! Smart & trendy design.


    Must have mobile App with tutorial and different kinds of available simulated instruments, Ukulele at least :)

    Definitely, would love to have it at home!