Lika Papillon
Lika Papillon reviewedJamblTap into your creativity, produce hit songs from your iPhone

It's so fun to make some dope beats together, even with small kids


sometimes a bit chaos to delete the loops while playing to make a new loop

Great Fun and inspirational for everybody, Finally an app you don't mind your kids play.They actually do use their creativity and its not just a simultation from the app. Easy handling so also my smaller nieces could join, and they actually made a banging hiphopbeat. Totally in love with this app, excited to see where this goes!

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Maria Saridi
Maria Saridi@marika_saridi · Co-founder, Jambl
Lika, thanks for the comments! Actually, you don't always need to delete the loop. You can just start playing on top of the created loop, and new sounds will overwrite previous ones (only if sounds overlap in the same loop bar)