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Self-improvement courses with substance

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Hey Product Hunters, Jack of All Skills was born from our team's frustration with how hard it is to find online courses that deliver on their promises. As makers and entrepreneurs, we always want to learn the best material to improve our health, wealth and mindset but a lot of the content we buy ends up making us sad. It's either fluff, tactics that only worked for the course maker, or not backed by science. And that is not cool. With Jack of All Skills our team finds and tests the best online courses/programs to make sure the content is engaging and the science/testimonials add up. We even have an awesome Slack group to motivate and hold each other accountable. We're happy to give Product Hunters 20% off of your order, just use the coupon 'product20hunt' when checking out. Ask me anything!
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This is an awesome idea. There are so many people that can benefit from this product!
@curl Thanks! Yeah the online education market hit $56 billion last year, so a lot of people learning online out there.
Looking forward to getting mine!
Great to see this product launching! I've been doing my own experimentation over the last two years and recently pivoted from my findings. Excited to watch this company and follow the value that is added to the lives of others. @ThoughtEdu If I can do anything to help I'd be happy to, it feels like we share the same passions. Hopefully we'll be as @tferriss would say a "Jack of all trades and Master of Many"!
@lombardinelson Thanks for the kind words, would love to hear about your experiments and findings.
Like how it's bringing together multiple segments and is a complete package. I'd be concerned about the quality of the vitamins. Definitely not all vitamins are created equal. Could be great to partner with a reputable brand like https://www.onnit.com/ or even not partner with them, but say that is the brand of supplements that will be in the package.
@benwtnb thanks for checking it out. Completely agree with vitamin quality. I've been really impressed with LabDoor's independent analysis (ex. https://labdoor.com/rankings/fis... ) and between lab testing and partnering with solid brands we should be able to get great products in there.
@brentsum Great link and good to know you're in the know about those kinds of rankings! I'm based in Tokyo, so usually don't do these kind of things due to shipping, but may in the future. Best of luck!
@benwtnb Sounds good! We have two digital only packs as well :)