Ivy by Go Moment

Never call the hotel front desk again, use AI text concierge

Ivy is your AI text concierge during your stay at hotels like Caesars Palace. Powered by IBM Watson, Ivy answers your questions, such as "What's the WiFi password?", "When is checkout?", or even "Can I get 2 Piña Coladas to my poolside chair?" (Answer-YES!) If Ivy doesn't know, a human seamlessly takes over and responds. You get service in seconds.

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12 Reviews5.0/5
Thanks for the love, @ProductHunt @daviswbaer and @rrhoover! Ivy is the world's largest hotel chatbot, with millions of guests served through a combination of instant service, IBM Watson, and human expertise at the front desk. We saw a gap in the ability of hotel staff to keep up with rising guest expectations, and created Ivy in conjunction with hotel owners and operators. Today, Ivy has served millions of hotel guests and automates 75% of messages. We're based in Los Angeles (Santa Monica to be exact), thrilled to be hunted, and welcome your questions.
Seeing a hotel tech product on PH= ❤️. So stoked for you @vwls and @aaron_scott ! Any new feature releases or product updates that sparked the hunt or just a long overdue hunt? Either way, love it! 👌
thanks @mwtbrowser - long overdue!
Go Go Moment! Great product and much needed implementation of practical AI in the hotel industry to improve the guest experience and streamline operations simultaneously!
@jordankellogg Thanks Jordan! Means a lot coming from a hotel expert like yourself
I'm hoping Ivy is in every hotel worldwide soon. I can't think of the number of times I've had to call down or wait in line at the front desk just to ask a simple question like "What time does breakfast end?". Great work Raj!
@daviswbaer thanks for hunting us, Davis!
Very cool product. What are some of the more advanced questions that Ivy can answer?
@victor_semeniaka Ivy answers common hotel questions out of the box, and is further tailored to serve each hotel's guest population during implementation. An advanced question might look like "How do I get to Disneyland?" for a Southern California hotel. Ivy can respond with a 1-tap link to open up maps, PDFs, or any website that would be relevant to the guest in the moment.



Ivy is a great use of AI in hospitality. Very efficient and easy to use.