Is This Hype?

Polls to decide what's worth the hype (or not)

Dear ProductHunters 😻,

Most of us want to scream about our hypes but believe me that would be weird. Instead of screaming you can vote about everything with just one button in our site, you are hyped or not, that’s all. After that you can learn other people’s thought’s about that thing. Also you will have chance to add your poll.

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Perhaps I'm evolving into old man dad status but is "hype" a good or bad thing? 🤔
@rrhoover @tcodinat Thanks for the feedback. After comments, we changed the buttons to make it clear. Now you can say "Worth the hype" or "Just a bubble" 😻
Lol @rrhoover, I was trying to figure that out too
@rrhoover @daviswbaer @tcodinat, Hi everyone, In Turkey, “hype” means negative. Like “that movie is just a hype, don’t watch this” or don’t buy that. After comments, we saw that there are some differences and changed buttons. Now, our Turkish friends are shocked when they see the product hunt as worth the hype and said “why told you said like that? It’s a really cool site” In short, it is a deadlock that we did not expect for. Any suggestion will be helpful :)
@daviswbaer @tcodinat @imrenkaryagdi good example of the challenges in building a product for the world 😊
This could be really funny... I dig simple quirky web fun. One thing that might help is changing the "Ask Now" button (feels like an Intercom button). Maybe "start your own poll" to make it clearer? Lastly... trending polls or examples. Or a ticker of recent poll results. Something to boost context and interest.
@jessekorzan Nice catch! We've changed the button. 😎
Is my vote not factored in the displayed result? I got asked if my mother was worth the hype, I said yes but the result was 100% a bubble. It would be also nice to maybe make the item of the pool a link to somewhere to give some context.
@duiker101 Same for me. I have made a couple to see.
Simple but effective! Love the idea :)
Really simple to use product! Some of those questions are repeated