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Please! πŸ™ Don't hide the picture on mouseover!
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@miscalzoncillos noted. Will sort it out later πŸ˜‰
@miscalzoncillos They should make it 80% opaque
@miscalzoncillos If you've got Stylish or Stylebot installed, add .post-figure:hover::after {opacity: .6} for a less aggressive overlay
Stumbled upon this really neat curated list of beautifully designed products by @manuelmoreale. I'd say it's a much simpler, minimal version of Repick or Amazon's Interesting Finds. Give it a look!
@boymeetscode Thanks Parker ;)
$52 potato peeler?
@ericdiepeveen ahah yeah that was a weird one 😬
@manuelmoreale FYI the site is down currently for me
@_jacksmith Hey Jack. Everything looks fine on my side.
@_jacksmith @manuelmoreale Looks online to me Β―\_(ツ)_/Β―
@_jacksmith @manuelmoreale Still down for me. Related to Hover being down?
Nice find. I feel like brand loyalty stops a lot of superior competitors from surfacing in many cases. And things such as this are one of the ways we can help combat that. The world would be better if it were more of a meritocracy like this.
@benedictslaney I definitely hear you about brand loyalty. It is true that there are "superior" brands out there but I think it helps to put them next to each other without all the clutter that's usually associated with the brand advertising world. Is Invisible is a really new thing, I started it with my brother just a few months ago and we'd love to focus more on super niche brands in order to help them gain the exposure they deserves. But it takes time so we'll see how the project evolves :)
@benedictslaney I'm probably 99% brand loyal. Stopping to get coffee one day in the mall, the clerk asked me if I worked for Oakley and it didn't occur to me that I was wearing an Oakley hat, sun glasses, laptop bag and hoodie, haha. The problem with new brands / fringe brands is the price. Taking a chance on an expensive item (such as sun glasses) only to be let down by poor build quality or material performance sucks. Jeans also - I've tried different brands of jeans, some more newcomer to the market when I find them in bigger cities and they don't last; buttons break, stitches come loose, etc... So, I shop Lucky Brand jeans because they have yet to let me down. And it has happened to me; buying something that looked great but didn't last more then a month or 2. Nice website though - I'll have to keep an eye on it for when I am willing to take a chance and try something new.