iRewardHealth is a simple tool for companies to create an authentic and approachable culture of health. With this release, we are focused on being accessible to startups and small businesses. Employers can create rewards their employees will love, and help motivate their people to take small daily steps toward being healthier.

  • Chris Traganos
    Chris TraganosVP of Product @

    Incentives for employees are tangible and adds to the team dynamic in a positive way. Really love the dashboard and how intuitive it is.


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    Proud of Rick and the entire team at iRewardHealth - they've been signing us customers everywhere including the city of Boston for health competitions.

    Specifically, iRewardHealth is one of the few products in the market that combines personally accountability with incentive-based motivation leading to positive results for the companies that enroll.

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  • Pros: 

    user friendly. provides incentives. connects you with other users at your company.


    none so far

    The month of September was the first month that I was able to commit to an intensive diet change. Having a goal, and incentives to stick to it were a huge part of that. Also feeling like you're apart of something. Like there are other people striving for the same thing. Almost makes it feel like if you give in you're not just letting yourself down but your team. The results have been very encouraging. Ive seen the iRewardHealth team dedicate themselves to this cause and its cool to see it come to fruition in such a clear and measurable way.

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As a behavioral scientist, it has been energizing to work with this team to turn science into technology! This easy to use tool uses evidence-based methods to help people improve their habits and health.
Chris Handy
Chris Handy@handythinks · Mug says: World’s Greatest Dad
After working with Rick before, and getting an early look at this product, I am so excited to see this launch. Great team!
Rick McCartney
Rick McCartneyHunter@rick_mccartney · CEO, iRewardHealth
@handythinks Thanks Chris! With enough hard work, maybe we can share the podium by end of day. Everyone else can find the Drift account Chris helped us configure while you are signing up for a free trial!
I work at iRewardHealth and some of the rewards we can earn are pretty awesome. This month we can earn a Sonos One, an Apple Watch 4, or 4 hours of vacation. Next month it could be something different. One of my favorite parts of the app is how easy it is to customize and change the reward options. They never get stale and are always unique enough to keep me motivated to log and earn points. I feel like I'm working towards something I actually want, and that makes me want to keep using the app.
Nate Burnes
Nate BurnesMakerHiring@nate_burnes · Dir of PM, iRewardHealth
Hi All, I am responsible for the Product team here at iRewardHealth. It has been great to build an easy to use, affordable solution for companies to self-administer. I am excited to continue to evolve the product to better meet the market needs. I would LOVE to hear you feedback on how we can make it better....thanks Nate
Chris Koha
Chris Koha@chris_koha · COO @ iRewardHealth, Inc
As COO of iRewardHealth, I've worked very closely with our marketing and sales team. Although I love that we lean on our behavioral science expertise as the foundation of our product, we are always striving to gather as much feedback as possible to improve and optimize user experience - so please let us know your thoughts!