iPhone X

Apple’s most advanced iPhone yet with a 5.8" OLED display


iPhone X is Apple's long-awaited & extensively leaked special version of the iPhone, with a full-screen OLED display, Animoji support, and much more.

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  • Ashish Bogawat
    Ashish BogawatUX Designer, gamer, geek...

    Display and camera improvements look promising


    No touch ID, no buttons, no headphone jack (😎)

    I don't think completely removing touch ID is a smart idea. There are situations where I don't want to bring the phone to my face to unlock. Gestures don't work for everyone. I still prefer Android's on-screen buttons to a completely gesture-based invisible UI for basic tasks.

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  • Evan Hennessy
    Evan HennessyFull Stack Web App Slinger

    Big Screen to Body ratio, Face ID


    Status Bar UI seems strange

    I think they could have leveraged the OLED tech to make the status bar blend in with the casing. They could have used 3Dtouch to provide a home-button-esque feel when interacting with the bottom gesture bar.

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  • Zhen Wang
    Zhen WangUX Designer, University of Texas Austin

    Bigger and OLED screen, smaller size than 7plus/8plus, more secure FaceID


    FaceID is slower than Touch ID, not convenient, No home button, ugly black part at the top, lots of UX changes

    The ugly black part at the top will influence the experience of watching movies, play games, viewing pics because part of the image/video will be cut out. FaceID is secure but I have to well open eyes to let it recognize and not sure if it can recognize well enough when there are water on the font sensor especially in the rain. From demo, it seems FaceID is slower than TouchID. I think for a normal customer/users, touchID is much more usable and quicker.

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  • Gonzalo Morales
    Gonzalo MoralesLooking for 🆕 ideas & 🆒 people

    Most important first: gestures, haptic feedback, display (color accuracy), display (screen-to-body ratio), 3D touch, Face ID, speakers.



    The iPhone X provides the almost perfect iPhone experience. Sure, it may have some minor flaws, which I’ll be talking about later on, but it can’t be denied that this device feels extremely exclusive –yet natural in your hands—when you use it.

    First off, Apple’s decision to make this phone work entirely with gestures makes me wonder why they didn’t go with this option in the first place: switching between apps, opening your most recent work, or accessing “Reachability” feels way more fluent than on any other phone.

    This gesture experience becomes complete with the iPhones’ well-known haptic feedback, something that has been greatly perfected throughout the years. It may seem like a very tiny detail, but it is the kind of detail that makes the user feel a deeper “connection” with the product, along with 3D touch.

    The screen is, by all means, the obvious change of this phone with regards to its predecessors. Colors look so vibrant in it, and the high screen-to-body ratio is so convenient. Here’s also one of these tiny details I mentioned before: I’ve never observed such a deep black on a screen. I know, it’s an OLED panel, black is supposed to look black; and yet, on other devices with OLED displays, I can’t help to notice the line dividing the screen and the bezel.

    I could go on and on with all these small things that make this phone truly unique, but you probably get the idea already. Of course, as you’d expect from any other premium device, the camera performance is outstanding, and speakers are really not so bad for a device this small. Battery life is very good as well, I don’t even need to charge every night—it depends.

    Being done with this long list of pros, I have to say that not everything is perfect on this phone. I need to state that fact because, having the price tag it has, it really should be very close to perfect.

    First of all, I feel this phone claims to be more water proof that it is. I say this because it has an IP67 (see Wikipedia for reference if you’d like), and yet I broke my first iPhone X by just cleaning its screen with tap water—I must say, however, that Apple gave me a new one for free, but I’ve heard similar stories anyway, so there’s that.

    Also, even though I must admit that the glass back looks gorgeous on this phone, it really feels like it’s just there to make you pay more money when you break it, rather than to enable wireless charging: because of the way this phone is assembled (the camera chassis is built directly into the glass), repairing the rear glass panel will cost you 500$, whereas repairing the glass backs of any other phone will cost you around 20$. Pretty noticeable difference there.

    There are also some minor things about this phone that could be fixed with software, but it hasn’t so far: first, I don’t know why, but sometimes when you’re swiping in the camera app (not the photos app) to see the pictures you’ve taken, the app freaks out and starts doing some weird rescaling stuff –hard to explain, but the fix is easy: either lock and unlock the phone or reopen the app. Also, even though I love 3D touch, I don’t understand why they enabled it on the flashlight and camera buttons in the lock screen (you need to press them and not just touch them): it only makes more difficult explaining your friends how to open the camera when you ask them to take a picture.

    This was my honest review. In my opinion, and keeping in mind how well FaceID works (which I forgot to mention), I’d say this phone is a 9 out of 10. But the point of me giving all these details about the device is so that you don’t need a number to know how good or bad it is. Judge for yourself.

    Gonzalo Morales has used this product for one year.
  • Ryan
    RyanTech enthusiast, Apple fanatic.

    FaceID, Small Device, Big Screen, Great Camera, Premium Feel


    Prone to breaking, FaceID not perfect, Price point

    This is a wonderful device, simply perfect. The seamless implication of FaceID allows you to unlock your phone with a glance. The device also has a small footprint, which is a good thing coming from an 8+. Although with the smaller device, you are not loosing the bigger screen and the better camera. The stainless steel sides are very premium feeling, sitting flush with the glass back and front; almost a crime to put a case on it. The one problem with the glass back is the chance of it breaking and costing over $500 to replace. FaceID isn't perfect though, but that is to be expected in it's first year being released. The final con is the price point. $1000 is a decent amount of money for a device to be sitting in your pocket with a glass back and front waiting to be broken. Although being an Apple fanatic, this phone will always be in my pocket and with me everywhere I go.

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  • Beth Fiedler
    Beth FiedlerHappy Entrepreneur w a few PH products 🙌

    Beautiful design, screen resolution (2436 x 1125), richer color and bright



    Everyone is talking about iPhone X with an emphasis on its environmental impact. Glad that the device is made of arsenic-free glass and the frame is recyclable stainless steel. The battery is designed to deliver up to 500 full charge and discharge cycles before it depletes to 80% of its original capacity. Based on my experience on Apple iPhones, the 3G one is still working with only one battery replacement. Well, using it an alarm clock.

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  • Brad Brooks
    Brad BrooksGraphic Designer, Grafica by the Sea

    Pretty much everything


    The cost. Apps that aren't updated yet.

    OK, I'm an Apple ubergeek, and therefore already predisposed to love this phone before I got it. But then I got it, and I was blown away. Long story short, if you love Apple products, you'll love this. If you prefer Android, then you probably feel the same way about the Pixel 2 as I do about this phone, and that's great. Different strokes and all that 😊

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  • Pros: 

    Beautiful screen, great battery, amazing hand-feel, combined with an unrivaled and refined UI mean that this is the best phone yet.


    Glass on back is artistically nice, but requires you to then use a case for all intents and purposes.

    This really is the best phone yet! I don't really think the pricing is too ridiculous, considering iPhones have been relatively near this price point, and that these devices are one of the main ways that we now interface with society on all levels.

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  • Pros: 

    IR sensor could be useful for various features. Camera functions (and HDR) look like a few steps forward from prior versions.


    It is Anniversary Edition Macintosh all over again - overpriced and too full of itself. Steve would have thrown it against a wall.

    I just can't get over all the time spent on iPhone X to create essentially a modern-day Anniversary Edition limited-edition Macintosh. Beastly with the black bar across the top, has FaceID (who was clamoring for this again?), still missing headphone jack (face-palm), and the animojis are just stupid (laughing poop emoji).

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  • Ryan Born
    Ryan BornCo-Founder, Cloud Campaign



    It finally has features Android had 5 years ago.


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  • Campaign by Blend Business
    Campaign by Blend BusinessRobotic written notes, voicemail & SMS

    Its a fun toy


    Its a fun toy....

    Its going to sell a lot of SamSung. I think the shine has finally come off the apple. And $1000 for a collaboration of existing technologies

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  • Pros: 



    A emoji machine cost $1000

    eventually, Iphone Xpensive is coming.

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  • Naushad Shaikh
    Naushad ShaikhUX Designer, Failed Entrepreneur.

    The Marketing


    The Ugly notch at the top.

    No innovation as such, all features existed since a long time.

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  • Pros: 

    Bigger, edge to edge screen


    Android features finally are here

    What about the battery...no one is talking about it. Can't they do something about it to last a little long...like 2-3 days...and not 6 hours...wtf

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  • Saied Tehrani
    Saied Tehranihttp://www.autolook.co

    Camera & all its features, AR Support


    Annoying to watch videos or images on the display, because of the overlapping top area, where they have put in the front camera etc.

    I would rather go for an iPhone 8, even if both phones would cost the same.

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  • Jonathan Martin
    Jonathan MartinChallenging the status quo everyday

    design and faceID


    not sure yet

    Ordered mine the day it launch without hesitation

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  • Greg Huggett
    Greg HuggettMain Dude Sytcee




    love iPhone

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