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Can't tell if this is over-priced or not haha... But the fact that they make a shit battery that doesn't last that then needs an extra battery to make it last the day is slyyyyyy. No doubt the external battery will lose juice just as quickly as the normal battery does.
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@bentossell At least everyone will hear about it in 2-3 days based on this massive sharing 🕵
@bentossell :/ - I have a 6 plus..no <3 for me? :(
@geekyyang now that's your fault!
When did Apple fire all of their designers?
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Is it April Fools yet? Apple should not be doing this..
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@jerrebm it's not. Although, let me post a joke https://twitter.com/bbsody/statu...
@bbsody that's a good one 😂
Nice of them to attach an iPhone 2G to the back.
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Why cant they just make a slightly "thicker" iphone with this additional battery included... I'm switching back to my Nokia 3310
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