iOS 10

Apple's latest OS puts 3D Touch, Siri, and Emojis everywhere

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Clearly this is the most innovative thing to come out of Apple, ever.
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@nivo0o0 Oh that's awesome! :)
@nivo0o0 $s⏳💬👍🏼.voice memo is still awful tho
@nivo0o0 the Line chat app has had this feature for 2 years now with their 1,000+ emojis (they call them sticons because they can be used as emoji or stickers)
@nivo0o0 emojis are extremely useful for convening the emotion of the message across. How many times have messages have come across the wrong way because the recipient doesn't understand sarcasm for example. But I dont understand emotions like basketball or pizza. Its just easier to write.
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Alternative tagline: iOS for Millennials™. h/t @ow:
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@rrhoover iOS - Clinton '16 campaign edition
@rrhoover @ow For millennials or the parents of millennials trying to keep up?
I like the bubble effects on iMessage. My phones updating to iOS 10 right now and I'm excited to try out all the features shown at the keynote.
@willfeldman3 me too installing it now
With iOS 10, Apple tries to make their apps more relevant by making them a platform for third-party apps.
The emoji picker is super cool, and very smart piece of tech. But... does it force a not so natural Emoji usage. Use one: Word plus emoji People tend to say this is a bit fishy 🐠 🐡 🐠. Use two: Drop a smiley or two there just for fun. And CAN'T wait to see you 😝👾😝 Use three 'Pictionary' And then the 🆕 🍏 use, they're 🚗 us to replace words and 💰 our ⏲ ⁇ what 👫 are saying. (And then the new apple use, they're driving us to replace words and spend our time guessing what people are saying.) A nice addition would be to either replace or add based on the length of the press.
@stevejwikeley This is spot on. My friends add emojis to their phrasing. I'm not seeing them use emojis replace words. Maybe i iz old?
@gladrobot Perhaps we're too old (i'm 33) I run a enterprise messaging service. Our user based could be anyone that works so 16-65, so at 33 i'm still young in the ever ageing work place. A year ago we were hesitating about launching emojis and emoji reactions so i researched and conducted user interviews with as wide range of ages groups about their emoji usage. Age didn't really play much of a factor to their willingness to use them. Much of a surprise to our enterprise app is flooded with them from all age ranges.
@stevejwikeley Emoji picker isn't new. I've been using it on 'Hike' app for years now. Still nice to see other cool features in iMessage.