Ionic Creator V2

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Hey Product Hunt! We've been working long and hard to get this new release out into the wild. I'd love to answer any questions that you guys have. Also, special for you guys, here's a coupon for 10% off if you're interested in a Pro plan :) "PRODUCTHUNT"
Would Ionic be a good framework for a web app, that was primarily used in the mobile browser?
@mibi Hey Jess! That is an *extremely* good use case for Ionic, because you'll be using the same web technologies that you're used to and can release cross-platform apps easily. As a great getting started point, I recommend you check out Creator and then export the code to see what it looks like, you'll feel right at home :) We've even had very large companies that you've probably heard of build mobile websites with Ionic.
I'm a big fan of Ionic, and this latest release of Creator is going to make it even easier to build mobile apps. Looks like a great update!
With the roadmap of Angular looking nasty, are there any plans to export ember or react/flux versions from ionic?
@toobulkeh right now our plan is to focus on what Ionic uses, and that's currently Angular 1 and (soon) Angular 2 (which we are really excited about). However, we realized the tool itself could be used to target any kind of mobile output, and that's something we love about it. So, no short term plans but we're thinking about how to broaden the scope over time once we get this first part right :)
Can't wait to check it out later, Looks like my weekend is now sorted.