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Speed-up your Ionic app development by 80%. Design responsive apps based on native Ionic 3 components in minutes. Test layouts and set the styling.



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Stas KuleshMaker@stas_kulesh · Creative Director @
We use Ionic framework ( for building hybrid apps at (Example: and have always been trying to make the design->development transition smoother. Sketch is a great tool for that. Auto-Layout is a super-useful feature for designing mobile layouts. ( In conjunction with smart symbols and overrides, our Sketch kit allows drafting clean interfaces in _minutes_. We took 65+ native Ionic Components ( and created 150+ responsive and interconnected Sketch symbols. You can set the general styling, set your colours and fonts, and simply drag and drop the symbols onto screens. It doesn't matter if you're using mobile or tablet, or desktop – auto-layout feature will re-arrange the elements accordingly. The devs then can use symbols' naming system as the basis for Ionic components used in designs. Instead of using InVision Inspect/Zeplin/Avocode-like tools for obtaining components' properties, devs can simply copy-and-paste Ionic markup from the documentation. And it will LOOK PREDICTABLY GOOD ON ANY PLATFORM supported by Ionic. Take a shortcut. Use phlaunch20 coupon to get an instant 20% discount. Enjoy!
Stas KuleshMaker@stas_kulesh · Creative Director @
Forgot to mention, the template is cheaper than other iOS UI kits and will work well for _any mobile designs_. It doesn't have to be an Ionic app.
carlos garcia@androidlove · Co-Founder, Internet Missionaries
Dislike this, as if the world ran on ios. Where is android? That said nice product.
Stas KuleshMaker@stas_kulesh · Creative Director @
@androidlove thank you for the feedback. However, the components are cross-platform. Combine symbols, code Ionic components and they will look naturally well on Android and Windows (as if the world ran on Android and iOS only). That's the beauty of using Ionic framework in the first place. iOS views are the default ones at Ionic documentation site, they're the most popular, I guess. ;)
Josef Richter@josefrichter · mobile apps UX/UI designer
I don't get it - does it export any code?
Stas KuleshMaker@stas_kulesh · Creative Director @
@josefrichter The naming and the structure of Sketch symbols in the template match Ionic native components. A coder can use that to build front-end side of the app _very fast_.