These guides were created by Pathrise to provide you with hiring processes, actual interview questions, company values, demographic stats, and more, all to help you land your dream job at over 200 top tech companies, like Amazon, Google, Facebook, Stripe, and Airbnb.
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Hi everyone, I’m Kevin, co-founder of Pathrise ( These guides contain all of the information on top tech companies so that candidates can walk into their interviews as prepared as possible. After years of advising, we know what is most important to acing interviews and we wanted to provide that data in an easy-to-digest format. We even included actual interview questions and hiring processes, so candidates can know exactly what to expect out of every stage. At Pathrise our goal is to act as an advocate for job-seekers by correcting the imbalance of information between applicant and company. We’re excited to put these guides out there and see how people use them!
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@kevin_wu3 will you be adding more positions, right now there is nothing on marketing?
@kevin_wu3 This looks interesting.
I think the Interview Process and Interview Questions sections are most practically useful, since they allow me to start preparing for tech company interviews immediately. I also like the Inside Scoop, Hiring Categories, and Demographics sections for getting a sense of how I might fit in to the team, and whether I’d enjoy working at the company. I’d love to see two improvements: one minor, one major. 1) Add the date of last update on the page somewhere (or on each section) so I can get a sense of whether the information is old. 2) Add some crowd-sourced info (maybe office photos? FB-authenticated comments section?) so that I can see some interaction between your guide and the community. Overall, this looks like a great resource. Shoutout to Kevin and Pathrise for putting this together. I made a spreadsheet version of these guides when I was in my last interviewing cycle, and it took a lot of time and talking to recruiters to gather the information. It’s a nice idea to not have to go through all of that investigation in order to know about what all these companies are really like!
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Super awesome, nice to have prep for top companies consolidated into one, updated guide
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These guides were super helpful! A lot better than searching all over the internet to find this info.
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Such a useful approach, I wish I had something like to use when I was fresh out of college looking for a job.
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