A quick & beautiful status page for your company. Get a status page that's 10x faster at 5% of the price.
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πŸ‘‹ Hey, PH Statuspage is just meh. So today I'm excited to announce https://instatus.com πŸ₯³ Beautiful status pages that are: - 10x faster - at 5% of the price - with unlimited team - and unlimited subscribers! Try getting your free status page, and let me know what you think! 😺 Thank you, @chrismessina for hunting it :D
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This demo video deserves a grammy πŸš€ Congrats on the launch man!!!
@draptis Thank youu Jim πŸ† This was all with the help of the wonderful crew. I'd like to thank my family because without you I wouldn't be here 😿
@alisalahio you touched all of our hearts with your speech πŸ‘
Great job! Love the focus on simplicity and speed, as well as ability to adopt workflows via integrations.
@rauchg Thank youu, Guillermo!!
Great tool and super cool video! Will use in https://storytale.io soon. Congrats with the launch!
@shepovalovdenis Thank youu :D Storytale looks AWESOME πŸ”₯ Would def feature it under customers lol Please let me know your feedback when you try it out πŸš€
@alisalahio Thank you so much! Yeah, sure!
Looks like a handy service at a fraction of the price of Statuspage!