Easily transfer files between your mobile device and desktop

#1 Product of the DayApril 19, 2015
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Very well done. And it brings Air Drop style sharing to pre-2012 Macs. And it's all local, so it's much faster than Dropbox.
I wish their product be free, gain millions of users and then Apple'd acquire them :)
We started working on Instashare a few years ago, after struggling to find a good app to quickly transfer our designs to iPhone, or app screenshots and videos from iPhone to Mac. We made it as simple as possible – no registration, no servers, you just send your files directly between your devices without any middle man. It grew over time, but we kept it simple, and we made it work on multiple platforms, so now you can also use it on Windows (desktop) and Android.
On Macs just drag your file to your status bar and it will appear in the companion app for iOS.
Was using this a lot but since AirDrop is on iPhone this is no longer needed.
@pbuckendorf You must be approximately the only person on Earth that AirDrop works for reliably (or at all…).