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Hey ProductHunt, one of the co-founders here! I'm not sure how big of an eSports community is here on PH, but we've always found it difficult to keep up with what's going on in the eSports scene... even simple things like finding out who's playing next week. As eSports is now the #3 most-watched sport in the U.S now, we found this ridiculous. So a couple months ago, we started building Instant eSports to address the lack of a central place for eSport fans. Happy to answer any questions about the Instant eSports and/or if you just want to learn/chat more about eSports!
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@esportsrick Congrats! App looks great.
And people said esports wasn't a thing! Can't wait for them to add Hearthstone.
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@justinkan I think people stopped saying that after ESPN aired Dota2's The International and HOTS' Heroes of the Dorm
This is awesome. Rick and Jonathan always know how to build great products and experiences. Look forward to seeing you guys completely disrupting eSports.
Looks like a great app if you're into following this! Slick interface and A LOT of info!
As a former professional CS player, I still think products that compliment the e-sports space is untapped. Twitch was just on the cusp of it before selling to Amazon, and there's room for so much more. This looks cool!