Instagram Engagement Report 2019

Data, insights & trends collected from 48M+ Instagram posts

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We analyzed 48M+ Instagram posts & 300k+ top users - uncovering the latest trends and insights about Instagram engagement.

Featuring data from Mention and resources from Hubspot: learn how the use of hashtags, working with micro-influencers, tagging users - will impact your 2019 Instagram strategy.

  • Pros: 

    Found some funny insights like #9gag is the most used hashtag


    Basically it has no value if you aren't a complete newbie in digital marketing

    No "wow" or "aha" stuff in this report.

    Oleg Rogachov has used this product for one day.
  • Patrick Barnes
    Patrick BarnesCofounder and CEO of Advocately

    Extremely useful!


    I wish it was available for the last 2 years!

    The HubSpot and Mention combination is a winner.

    Patrick Barnes has used this product for one day.
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Sandra Chung
Sandra ChungMaker@sandrogynous · Head of Content at Mention
Thank you @liamboogar for sharing our brand new report! We had a really fun time creating it with our data scientist + the team at Hubspot - we're stoked to see this finally go live :) Instagram engagement is a golden KPI for many marketers, but so much of the platform is changing all the time that it's hard to know what works. To make things easy - we've compiled all of our research and best practices into a neat little report. We're here to answer your questions, listen to your feedback so we can make our reports even better :)
Patrick Whatman
Patrick Whatman@mrwhatman · Content Marketer @Mention
Always love the detailed insights in these reports! It's also good to see some numbers behind the idea that every brand needs to be doing more video marketing. You hear this all the time, but not always with a whole lot of substance. Clearly video works on Insta!
Clément René
Clément René@clement_rene · Content Marketer, Kameleoon
Awesome insights! Incredible (and reassuring) to see that relevance and quality are well rewarded on Instagram 🚀
Robert Katai
Robert Katai@katairobi · Content Strategist
This is gold for everybody that is using Instagram as a marketing platform but also as an egagement network. Great job guys!
Adina Jipa
Adina Jipa@adinajipa · co-founder @socialinsiderio
Hate when people require my email for a piece of content. Love the way @drift is doing conversational marketing and businesses should start to discuss with people first before asking them something in exchange.
Sandra Chung
Sandra ChungMaker@sandrogynous · Head of Content at Mention
@adinajipa Noted - thanks for the feedback!