The missing menu bar calendar for MacOS

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Looks eerily similar to Fantastical...
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@jeckert A lot cheaper though.
@jvdmeij My point is that it looks like Fantastical’s UI was ripped off.
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@jvdmeij @jeckert What ever happened to 'Great artists steal'?
@jvdmeij @stoweboyd I don't think that quip is suggesting blatant ripoffs are okay. :)
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@jvdmeij @jeckert Really? What do you think it means? Jobs ripped off everything from the Xerox Alto, not just an inspiration. Excel was a rip-off of 1-2-3, Slack is a rip-off of IRC, etc.
You can find it in the Mac App Store. Be sure to compare it to Itsycal as well, which does about the same but is free.
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@jvdmeij There are many of differences other than just looks. Big ones being, we offer editing, notifications, as well as make use of googles api directly, which allows us to include additional features like inviting attendees.
This is pretty much a ripoff of fantastical, please don't pass others' design work as your own
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@thejigs36 it’s a calendar. how many variations design wise can there be? ;-)
@kleerkoat more than this one ;-)
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Nice application but... how do I install it? 🤔 No download button on the page
@mnlfrgr Haha that is quite weird indeed :) I just found it in the Mac AppStore.
@mnlfrgr I thought it was just me - driving me crazy! That "continue" button needs to be a download button.
@mnlfrgr @ramykhuffash hey guys, appreciate the feedback, cant believe i missed the download button!! i have added one!
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No download button on the product page. Use the PH drop-down menu or here's the App Store link
@binoyxj added one thanks! cant believe I missed this.