Engage with your users and make sure their voice is heard with these two new products. Ask them questions, respond to their ratings, host a discussion board for requests, and most importantly, prioritize your product roadmap based on accurate user feedback.

Learn more about surveys and feature requests here.

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We’re extremely happy to announce Instabug’s new products for Product Managers! At Instabug, we’ve been working hard to develop better tools to serve all kinds of mobile development teams. We value user feedback, so we’ve built In-App Surveys and Feature Request Management! 🤩 Try it out and let us know your feedback, because we value that too ;)
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This is a great idea! Surveys are an integral part of my daily work as a PM for me and my team. The UX/Flow of the rating/user-feedback feature is seamless. Keep up the great work (y)
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@magdoub ❤️Thanks Mahmoud
@magdoub thanks Mahmoud 🙏 we would love to see you using it to hear more of your valubale feedback. 🙂
Great job!! 😊 Will check it out 😊
@ayush_chandra That's great! We can't wait to hear your feedback 🙂
What if you could take your bug... and just... put it on the line.
@rossdcurrie Take the bugs out to the garden. Then ask users for their feedback ;)
@rossdcurrie When it comes to bugs, we help developers squash them. Our newly launched surveys and feature requests aim to bring a new channel for product managers to hear feedback from testers and users. We would love to hear your feedback on both our bug reporting and user-feedback products :)
Curious but annoyed that you hide any indication of pricing on the landing page..
@bbzeven We are sorry for that. Here is the pricing page: https://goo.gl/t8nT8U