Bug reporting and In-app feedback for mobile apps

Instabug allows testers and users to report bugs and send feedback in-app with simply shaking their phones. Instabug's SDK attaches screenshots, screen recordings, device details, user steps, and all the logs you need to debug and iterate faster.

15,000+ of the top apps rely on Instabug for bug reporting, crash reporting and in-app feedback.

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Hi Everyone, I'm one of the cofounders of Instabug. We’re really excited to show you Instabug 3.0. We've been working on it for the last months, and we’d love to hear your feedback. We’ve first launched our beta version of Instabug two years ago on Product Hunt, and since then, we’ve been helping apps get their beta testers engaged and also provide a feedback channel in their live apps. With this update, we’re adding even more details to the reports that we capture, adding the ability to attach multiple attachments, and most importantly, we’re closing the feedback loop by providing our own in-app live support. Give it a try and let us know what you think, we’re excited to hear your feedback
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@okgabr Hey! Congrats on the launch. What was some of the most common pieces of feedback you received and implemented in this version? What sets Instabug apart from other similar products in the space?
@bentossell Hey Ben! Great question. So when we started Instabug, it was mainly targeting beta apps, making it easier for testers to send feedback and bugs directly from inside the app, and making it easier for developers to fix those bugs by providing a screenshot and all device details with each bug reported. We believe we did a good job with that and we've enhanced the beta testing process for thousand of apps. But over the past year more apps were starting to use Instabug in their production apps as a way to communicate with their end users (after they saw how engaged their beta testers have become). So the most common feedback was not only to allow users to send feedback through the app but add the ability to reply back and have a live chat with them inside the app. And this turned to be our newly launched In-App Conversations. Questions about competition are always puzzling but let me try my best: - We provide one dashboard where developers can see bugs, feedback and crashes all together in one place so they can have a clear understanding on their app’s performance. - We automatically captures screenshots, device details and user steps without forcing developers to add more code or breadcrumbs. This significantly reduce the amount of debugging time. - And above all, integrating Instabug into the app takes a minute! 💪
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@okgabr this is a product I could genuinely use. It's kind of like what TestFlight offered before Apple bought them out, only for production apps now, too. Question, though: it is difficult enough to get users to leave App Store reviews; what overall percentage of users of apps in which your product is integrated are willing to supply such feedback? Have you experimented with built-in callbacks in your SDK that allow developers to slip in ways to award their users for helping them find bugs? What if a user discovers a bug in some dark corner of an app but doesn't report it?
@rueter Hey Steven! It's actually not that difficult, some apps reported up to 80% less reviews when using Instabug in their lives apps versus the regular email composer form. We published a blog post on that: The percentage of users that are sending feedback varies hugely based on the type of the app, but overall most of our users reported an huge increase in the amount of feedback when using Instabug in beta apps and a slight increase in the production apps that they're getting, but most importantly a huge increase in the quality of the feedback they get and the amount of details attached with it. We haven't experimented with rewarding users yet, but we had a few interesting discussions with some of our users and we're planing to try it soon. I'm personally excited about it! Unfortunately that bug is destined to stay in that dark corner. Crashes only get auto reported but bugs/feedback are user initiated.
@okgabr very interesting. I will check it out, build it in to my next project, and get back to you with my feedback. Thanks for your response!
Big fan of Instabug, looking forward to seeing what is new in this version!
@avizuber thanks Avi. I'm excited to know your feedback once you get to use it :)
I've known these entrepreneurs for a few years and knew this would be a game changer. No better way for app developers to get better feedback.
@cmschroed thanks Chris! Really appreciate it 😊
One fundamental change would make this a gamechanger (albeit a stretch, technically): the ability to do precisely this, as a frustrated user, within any native app, and share that confusion/suggestion/perspective openly – as opposed to privately and only within the subset of apps which electively integrate. I find myself, on a daily basis, screenshot'ing > annotating > Tumblr'ing various oversights and absurdities in the majority of apps – sometimes constructively, more oftentimes just to vent. Anyway, strong product you've put out that stands to do some good.
@dvdwlsh very interesting idea! Never thought about it this way before but I can definitely imagine the outcome a community of people discussing random bugs in different apps. I'm not sure if apps will want to put an SDK that does that (for many reasons) but I get your point. I'm actually curious to see your Tumblr blog, mind sending me a link?
@okgabr I was by no means proposing it as an elective, please-add-our-SDK angle, that's cat-herding in this context. Naturally the people willing to do that are likely the ones who care most about user experience down to the details. More like crowdsourced intervention. Think "spraypainting large dicks around every gaping pothole the city just won't fix". Google that if you don't know what I mean. Anyway, as requested:
Congrats! I've been using Instabug for a few months now and I couldn't live without it. Can't wait to try 3.0!
@rfreling thanks Reinald! Would love to hear your feedback when you try it out.