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#1 Product of the DayOctober 30, 2015
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We have seen an influx of these types of sites this past year... curation of the internet is certainly something people like to see. Some people may question why another variation of this site... The whole point of these sites is that the curation is where the value lies For me, I created Marketing Stack, but that was MY curation. Likewise with @bramk and HIS CURATION for Startup Stash. There is no one right answer. If you are into web design then check this out for sure. Alex has put together some awesome resources and its HIS CURATION that makes this an awesome site! @n1_alex_s - he can tell you more 😜
@bentossell I've been tracking all of them as well. Seems most people are structuring these as Wordpress sites. I have a new spin on this that I should have out in a week or so. It's the shift from static articles to dynamic resources. The latter lasts longer
As Ben has told you, my hand picked curation of websites is unique - and any website that you find on my site is one that has left me in awe, and wondering 'how do they do that?' whenever I stumbled across it. I hope you guys will feel the same way about the websites in my curation! Feel free to leave any feedback on what we could do better to improve your experience, and we would be eternally grateful. Thanks Guys, enjoy (I hope)!
I would also like to mention that you can make your own collection of websites, and all it takes is a signup! They can then be viewed under 'My Collection' after having been 'Added to collection' :D :D :P
There are so many design inspiration curations that I came across here in the past few days. I guess we should go ahead and make a collection out of them.
Very nicely chosen collection of good web design, Alex! One thing I would suggest is not to ask visitors for their email address the moment they land on your site (the modal appeared instantly). Most users won't know whether they want to subscribe until they see more of your content. Cheers!
@juanvme Hey Juan! Thanks for the heads up, didn't know that was happening! Will fix that ASAP...
incredible collection @n1_alex_s been glued to this site for about an hour now! great for inspiration.
@thisdickie Thanks! Glad you're liking it that much! :D