Real world mobile game from Google

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Yasith Abeynayaka
Yasith Abeynayaka@yasiththeba · Business Analyst, Product Designer
Ingress is Augmented Reality game developed by Niantic Labs ( with over 10 million player base across the world. As a committed (I avoid using the word addictive) player for more than 2 years, I would say the two best things about ingress are, 1. It is a real-life game - You have to travel, walk, ride, drive to play Ingress - this game takes you to places otherwise you would ever think of going. 2. It is a community game - If you are a higher-level committed player like me, you would have 100s of buddies in every city you travel - whenever I step into a strange country, A ingress buddy is the first person to greet me
OsmanHunter@osmanify · Growth and product.
According to the first related link, Google is using Ingress to experiment with driving physical traffic into stores via mobile apps.
@ChuckReynolds@chuckreynolds · build & track websites. cofounder Vuurr
been waiting for it to hit for iOS... already been playing with it this morning.
Thomas Knoll
Thomas Knoll@thomasknoll · COO @
@ChuckReynolds addicted already. 48 hours later.
Justin Cauchon
Justin Cauchon@cauchon · Product Manager, CNET
This is one of the most addicting games. Been playing for over two years now.
MRG.NYC@nycmrg · Owner
I have been playing for years and I still love it. Enlightened players. Check in on Swarm. Look for "Playing Ingress Enlightened" when checking in.