Incredibox v4

Express your musicality, pump it up and chill

Incredibox v4 is a musical app that lets you easily create a mix. Drag and drop icons and find the perfect combination for creating a great mix. Get votes so you can be part of Top 50 chart.

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7 Reviews4.2/5
So rad. I remember playing with Incredibox months ago. v4 is really fun, and it's impossible not to make good music. Here's my first jam. cc @staringispolite @alexbaldwin
@rrhoover This is so awesome... at least we haven't been checking out the leaderboard for a while.... WARNING: this app is hard to get away from once you've started viewing/producing.
@rrhoover Thanks for the shoutout! I remember playing with the first version of this forever ago... so cool to know they're still at it!
@bentossell @rrhoover Whoaaa..that look addictive... glad I am only just now seeing it and going to do my best to forget I did. I love fun...and I love music even more... but time.. therein lies the problem. :-\
I'm surprised to see a web site still using flash. No fun for me as I'm on my iPhone at the minute.
@stephenchip there's an app now, too ;)
Ha! This is great. I'm kinda getting hypnotised the more more mix loops ...
Incredible as usual. Can't wait for v5 :)