IncrediBooth Video

The photo booth app that creates video photo strips!

From the makers of Hipstamatic comes IncrediBooth Video, the photo booth app that creates the perfect 10 second video photo strips, specifically designed for sharing to your daily Instagram and Snapchat story, or your Timeline on other social networks.

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Jacqueline von Tesmar
Jacqueline von Tesmar@jacqvon · Community at Product Hunt ⚡️
Hey guys! Love this! What has been the hardest part about launching this app?
Ryan Dorshorst
Ryan DorshorstMaker@dorshorst · Co-founder, Hipstamatic
@jacqvon I think the trickiest thing we've been running into the last few years is getting a product to a point where we feel it's worth launching: like it's adding something new to the app ecosystem that hasn't been done before. With the App Store being a fully mature platform now, and millions of apps released, that is an increasing challenge. So there have been a number of apps we've worked on the last several years that just never made it out of the pipeline because at one point or another we determined it wasn't new or interesting or exciting. We've actually been iterating on this "new IncrediBooth" for almost a year now, and it has come a long way from build 1. Once we determined that the most interesting and unique thing was the video photo strip output, that became front and center of the app experience and UX, which initially it was not (it was just one of many different options for output).
Ryan Dorshorst
Ryan DorshorstMaker@dorshorst · Co-founder, Hipstamatic
Hey y'all! Ryan here, one of the founders of Hipstamatic as well as engineer of the new IncrediBooth Video app. Just wanted to share a little info about the development of this app. We've made a number of different apps since Hipstamatic, but it feels like this one is the most true to our original ethos: take something old and make it new again. We made the original version of IncrediBooth over 5 years ago. I love the idea of being able to shoot photo strips anywhere, but the format was always troublesome with being able to share digitally. A long skinny photo just doesn't translate well anywhere, and while the app was popular during its time it was never as shareable as other formats. Then last year we noticed (along with everyone else) that the Story format was exploding. Partially with Instagram adopting it and also coming from the growing desire of people to post more ephemeral content, it was becoming the way a lot of us preferred to share socially. And also Live Photos: an intriguing idea that has been slowly being built upon with concepts such as the "boomerang" style output; all the pieces were floating around and waiting for us to connect the dots. So clearly this is the result: a photo booth app that takes an old format, the long skinny 4-up selfie/groupie, and adds new life by utilizing Live Photo for motion and the Story format for a quick easily digestible and sharable moment. We're pretty proud of it and have been looking forward to sharing it with the world. Let me know what you think! Also here's a few promo codes to try it out for free 🎉 379JJ9APW9T6 YYTNHT33NNY9 WFK3TH6ALW97 AJFMJYTEN9KX EREFLN7AAH3E
Gui Alvim
Gui Alvim@alvimgui · Barulho Bom
Too expensive. Need to buy an iPhone.