In-App Messages by Userlist

Send targeted in-app messages to your SaaS customers

Introducing in-app messages: a new channel to use in your behavior-based campaigns and broadcasts. Better than chat — just a way to provide helpful information exactly when your users need it. Included in all Userlist plans, starting at $9/month.
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7 Reviews5.0/5
I'm a very happy customer of Userlist and overall a big fan of the company. I'm very excited to finally use In-App messages along with emails. Congratulations on the launch @benediktdeicke and @uibreakfast!
@michaelkoper Thanks a lot for the kind words. We are very happy that you're one of our customers. 💛
@michaelkoper Thanks so much for the kind words Michael! So happy to have you.
We're extremely excited to introduce this new channel in Userlist 🎉 Now you can deliver information to your SaaS users without bombarding their email inbox. By design, in-app messages in Userlist don’t have a “reply” option — you just give your users the right information at the moment they need it. This helps them navigate your product easily, and keeps you at peace with less support. Most importantly, we're making this feature available to all customers from day one. With our Starter plan, you can send both email and in-app messages for $9/mo, until you hit those first 100 customers. Let’s build a better customer experience, together!
So excited to see this up on PH!
@mbuckbee Thank you so much Mike 😊
Big fan of the 'Slow and Steady' podcast, amazing how much care @benediktdeicke and @uibreakfast put into fine-tuning this in-app messaging feature. Really excited to see this launched!
@dennisong Thank you! Glad you enjoyed following the journey 😄
Congratulations guys, I have been a very happy customer with UserList with for the last few months. After replacing my DIY email system, I have never had an issue and trial conversions seem up. I can't want to start experimenting with in-app messaging! Its almost feels like been part of the team been a userlist customer and can't wait to see whats next!
@mrsimonbennett Thanks so much for cheering up along the way, Simon 🙌 Awesome to have you as a customer.