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Amazing team and product!
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@joelwish Thank you!!
Awesome team on this!
@codysimms Thanks so much!!
Thank you @AlexIskold for hunting us! My co-founder Helen and I started Impact Health after a friend of ours came to us for help, trying to understand why his family’s costly plan did not cover his medications or doctors. Hours of research coupled with an OCD spreadsheet led us to build Impact Health. We could not believe how difficult it was to do a solid comparison on such a huge important purchase! We want to make buying health insurance online simple and transparent. We basically do all of the research and data analysis for you, removing the stress of choosing a plan. So far we have launched in CA, NY, TX, FL, CO, and are rolling out across the US over the next few weeks. We're super excited to hear what you all think about Impact Health! :)
Very cool - can't wait to see this work for NC (specific date yet?) My current plan/ provider is looking terrible with their 2016 changes - want to find a new plan by 1/1 (which really means 12/20, because I'll completely forget this over the holidays)
@edholloway Hi Ed! Thanks so much for the kind words! We'll be in NC in the next few weeks. I'll keep you posted on when we're in your area, however, we would still love to help you out. Happy to walk through all of your choices with you, and help you choose based on what your personal health usage is. Feel free to send me an email at christine at impacthealth.io we'll take good care of you. :)
Thanks, @christinecarril - sending a mail
Amazing team! Amazing product!!
@cemkozinoglu Thanks for the kind words Cem!!
@cemkozinoglu Thank you so much!!