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David CiaffoniMaker@davidkc · 💬✅
Hey, Product Hunters! 👋 We are very excited to release the alpha version of on PH today! 🎉🎉🎉 With It’s super easy to create a conversational UI, and embed it into your website. My co-founder Juan Pablo and I created because we felt that websites need to evolve. The way we interact with them hasn't really changed much since the advent of web 2.0. Despite fresh coats of paint every few years, for the most part, we are still just reading static text on a screen. In fact, that’s what you are doing right now.🙀 Why not have a conversation instead? ➡️ We will both be checking this regularly throughout the day, eagerly awaiting your questions and feedback. -David
Chris Messina@chrismessina · Product designer & entrepreneur
@davidkc congrats on the launch! How do you compare with other offerings like or Chatfuel?
David CiaffoniMaker@davidkc · 💬✅
Thanks, @chrismessina! Great question. and Chatfuel are focused on bot creation for existing 3rd party services like Facebook Messenger and Telegram. While is meant to be embedded into websites. We see a replacement or an enhancement of text-heavy sections, like landing pages, about pages, or FAQs.
Jimmy Amash@jimmyamash · Designer. Developer. Dreamer.
@davidkc Spent a few hours building out a product - only to find out the touch events aren't working on iPhone? Even on your demo sites? Do you have a fix, or do I have to debug this?
David CiaffoniMaker@davidkc · 💬✅
@jimmyamash you might be using the wrong cdn. please check the documentation. If that doesn't work please send me an email with more details.
Jimmy Amash@jimmyamash · Designer. Developer. Dreamer.
@davidkc Yup - I was using my local alpha js file from 3 months ago. Seems that you made updates since then. Thanks!
William Syms@wsyms · Web Developer,
Nice product but for a conversational service, it sure has a lot of spelling mistakes: "'re are good to go!", "...conversational experiance for your..", "...vistors to your site...", "Why not make it interavtive..."
Moin UddinPro@moinism · Creator/Developer
Hey @davidkc! looks like I should have made my website ( with your UI 😛
David CiaffoniMaker@davidkc · 💬✅
@moinism I think your site looks great, but let me know if you end up using instead.
Pascal Andy@_pascalandy · Cofounder at a "stealth startup"
@moinism this is awesome !!
Erick Barron@erickbarron86 · Webmaster
I don't see how it can be considered AI when it's just a series of if else statements.
David CiaffoniMaker@davidkc · 💬✅
@erickbarron86 I don't believe we ever claimed it was AI? If you are referring to the .ai domain that's the country code for Anguilla 🇦🇮 In all seriousness, the name comes from our aspirations to eventually create a conversational UI that could pass the Turing test. Theoretically to pass the test you don't need true human level AI, just the illusion of one.
Alain Lagrecque@alainlagrecque
@erickbarron86 I think that's the "illusion" part! 😃 No where on the website does it mention Artificial Intelligence, you're assuming that from the domain name TLD. I think it's a pretty clever play on words, the fact is you and I both clicked through the IF statements to learn about the product. We may not have done that if it wasn't for the conversational style format. So illusion or not it kind of did it's job 👍 If this takes off 🚀 then I'm sure the next step would be for smarter AI conversations. @davidkc @juanpablofernandez - nice execution guys 💯
David CiaffoniMaker@davidkc · 💬✅
@alangarrec @erickbarron86 I could not have said it better myself, thanks, Alan. 👌
Ankit Singh@_ankitsingh · Product Unicorn | Business Analyst
First Build your website or app without running any code, then conversational form and now conversational UI great line up! love this product. #Illusion-ist 🤘
David CiaffoniMaker@davidkc · 💬✅
@_ankitsingh Wow our first evangelist! 🎉🙌
Ankit Singh@_ankitsingh · Product Unicorn | Business Analyst
@davidkc 😃😃 This is a masterpiece, I'm trying this since last night, some spelling errors but I understand with time they all will be fixed. Hope to see some more exciting products in near future. Great work man! Keep it up.👍