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Jonathan Howard — Cofounder, Emissary
The coolest IFTTTs I've heard of were parts of an elaborate scheme from a professional photographer friend. His workflow is roughly:

- His camera has an Eye-Fi card which creates its own wifi network
- Eye-Fi app on phone connects to card, syncs to camera roll.
- IFTTT sync from iPhone album to Dropbox backup, in-camera star rating preserved in meta/EXIF tags.
- 5-star rating photos get pushed to Flickr set for the event at full-res.
- Automatic watermarking (via PicMarkr?)
- Sync from Flickr sets to Facebook albums of same name.
- People at event and at home follow him on Facebook, tag themselves in realtime, etc.
Derek Shanahan — Pub Strategy @ SuperRewards
My favorite (and arguably highest ROI) recipe is when I tag an Instagram with #fam, email it to my mother. She doesn't understand it, but she loves it.
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