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Jamison Ross
@jamisonross12 · IFTTT
Have an idea for a new Channel on IFTTT? We'd love to hear it! https://ifttt.com/help/channel_s...


Jonathan Howard
@staringispolite · Cofounder, Emissary
The coolest IFTTTs I've heard of were parts of an elaborate scheme from a professional photographer friend. His workflow is roughly - His camera has an Eye-Fi card which creates its own wifi network - Eye-Fi app on phone connects to card, syncs to camera roll - IFTTT sync from iPhone album to Dropbox backup, in-camera star rating preserved in meta/EXIF... Show More
Derek Shanahan
@dshan · Pub Strategy @ SuperRewards
My favorite (and arguably highest ROI) recipe is when I tag an Instagram with #fam, email it to my mother. She doesn't understand it, but she loves it.
Tom Moor
I send Foursquare checkins to Google Calendar so that I can go back to any point in history and see where I was at. Will be super handy if I'm ever interrogated ;-)
Lyle McKeany
@lylemckeany · growth marketer
How is everyone else using IFTTT I'm currently running 7 recipes - Fav a tweet & save to Pocket - Text me tomorrow's forecast before bedtime - Buffer your watch later YouTube videos - Receive an email when a NYT Tech article becomes popular - Rent reminder - If tomorrow's forecast calls for rain send me a text - Send IFTTT any text message and add it to... Show More
Adam Kazwell
@kaz · Product manager/observer
1. Re-inject tweets that I've fav'd When I fav a tweet (as @kaz), it gets sent to Buffer. Some time passes (based on buffer settings) and then that tweet is posted to @kazfavs...I follow kazfavs ;) and then get to re-enjoy the original tweet. Helpful when tweets are inspirational or worthy of additional contemplation 2. Reflective questions Every sunday... Show More
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