IFTTT Partner Platform

One connection, countless possibilities

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IFTTT Applets enable entirely new experiences made possible when your services work together in a way you can trust. We believe all service integrations—big or small—will eventually be possible through an Applet. As you invite any new service into your life, IFTTT aims to increase your confidence in that service being compatible with everything else in your world. Applets are just the first steps in this direction and we have a long journey still ahead of us! The IFTTT team couldn't be more excited to announce Applets and open our Partner Platform today. We've already built an amazing community of partners and over one hundred thousands individual developers that have already built on the IFTTT Platform via our Maker Channel. If your business is ready to connect with IFTTT, get started today! If you are and individual developer, our Maker offering is coming soon! Would love to hear your feedback as you get access!