Use your iOS/Android device as an extra display



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Andrew Ettinger — Product Hunt
Looks awesome! I use Duet and love it. What's the difference here?
Thanks for your question @andrewett. iDisplay works through both connections, WiFi and USB, and you can connect multiple devices simultaneously - all with minimal latency. It's also available on Android, making it multi platform. iDisplay has no subscription, so once you get it, you have all the features.
Rahul Dewan — Engineer
@danberezovsky @andrewett iDisplay doesn't have any of the features in our subscription, so not a fair comparison
Jesse Wallace — Creative Director, Triton Digital
@rahulda1 @danberezovsky @andrewett Actually, it's an extremely fair comparison. They have half the price point for the base app. Just because they don't do everything you app does in all of it's tiers doesn't mean its not a competitor.
Rahul Dewan — Engineer
@jesse_wallace @danberezovsky @andrewett I'm strictly referring to Daniel's comment that they lack a subscription, which we do not require for the shared features
Jesse Wallace — Creative Director, Triton Digital
@rahulda1 @danberezovsky @andrewett Sure, I get that, but apparently thats a selling point. As they improve the app and add in features, you won't be forced to purchase a subscription...I'm assuming.
Rahul Dewan — Engineer
@jesse_wallace @danberezovsky @andrewett Yeah, we do the same for the same product and ship free updates every few weeks. Our subscription is a very different product for people wanting to use their iPad Pro as a professional drawing tablet with an Apple Pencil, a pretty narrow market.

Nothing against them, just not sure it's fair to assume a competitor will develop every new product we develop and include it in the app for free.
Jesse Wallace — Creative Director, Triton Digital
@rahulda1 @danberezovsky @andrewett No reason they couldn't. And there's no reason to charge a perpetual fee for that feature. If they are looking to capture market share and set themselves apart, then its an entirely fair consideration in an extremely pointed software product.
Hey Hunters! We’re super excited to be on Product Hunt today!

iDisplay launched originally back in 2010 on the first iPad. It was the first app to turn your iOS device into an external display for your Mac or PC.

This year we started to put many resources into rebuilding iDisplay for truly superior performance, and we have many exciting features already in development.

Some notable features in the current version:
- Works fast with low CPU usage
- Supports 60fps for minimal latency
- Performs great on USB and WiFi
- Option to connect multiple devices simultaneously

And of course we’re multi-platform, so iDisplay works great on macOS, iOS, and Android. We have a Windows version too, but are working on a big performance update.

You can also use the additional iDisplay space for election news (if you didn’t have enough already) 🙂

It would be amazing to hear your feedback!
@danberezovsky Can I plug both my iPad and my Android device and enjoy two extra displays ?
@dperetti Hi Dominique! Currently you can mirror your main display to both devices, but we're releasing an update soon, where you will be able to use multiple Android + iOS devices in the additional display mode simultaneously.
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