The simplest way to expand your iPhone storage up to 256 GB

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Big thanks to @kwdinc for featuring us on Product Hunt! Hello PH and hunters, My name is Steve and I am a founder & one of the makers of idime =) Like Kevin described, idime is a memory module that you can magnetically snap onto the back of iPhone via idime case to boost your storage by up to 256GB. Every purchase of an idime comes with 3 types of holders (USB, Lightning and Micro USB) that you can snap your idime on to turn them into a USB drive. Naturally, you can plug it into a computer just like any other thumb drive to drag and drop files in and out of idime (NO NEED for ITUNES). Now, in order to manage files on your iPhone, you would need to download our application. With the application, you can manage files between your iOS & idime (such as contacts, photos, videos) or use the built-in photo or video to capture moments and save them right onto the idime. You can also play audio, video and music directly on the application even for the formats that iOS may not support (such as HD MKV). With the provided lightning & Micro USB holder, sharing contents between devices or with your friends is just a snap away. Simply snap idime off of your case, place it onto a lightning or micro USB dongle to share contents with your friends by plugging it into the bottom port. (Android users won't even need to download the application while Apple users will have to download the application) If you have any questions, I will be here to address them =)
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@nannaya7 @kwdinc Hmmm, so I'm in your target audience – I only have a 16GB iPhone and it's really annoying me. But I'll just buy the 128gig next time and my problem will be solved for about $200 extra... Your product sounds like too much hassle compared to just buying a better iPhone.
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@nannaya7 @kwdinc keep up the good work!
@_vojto @kwdinc Thanks for dropping a line here Vojtech!! You are absolutely right except that you have to repeat that every year or so to upgrade your phone while idime just stays with you (You just have to get a new idime case which is really affordable). I think it really depends on what you do with your phone, too. If you are an average user like I am, 128GB might suffice, but if you are into (say) 4K videography with your iPhone, maybe transferring speed might be of importance as well (which is something they could benefit from idime =) Since idime is basically a USB drive, transferring speed is significantly faster than that of iTunes or clouds =)
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@nannaya7 @kwdinc My only question is Where and When can I get it? And how much will it cost? :)
@nannaya7 @kwdinc @_vojto by then they will release a 1TB version!
Seems like a really cool product, but I was disappointed to see it linked to a Kickstarter, especially with such a low goal for a consumer product. Have the Product Hunt team considered a badge or icon next to the posts that are Kickstarters?
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@_lcky no 'kickstarter' specific, but they do have the pre-launch icon! ◐
idime is a magnetic, dime-sized storage expansion for iPhones. You can think of it as a flash drive with a detachable memory module that you can snap on to the iPhone to give it a storage boost.
Im always scared of magnets and iphones/credit cards/hotel room keys ha - something there always seems to give me problems
@bentossell Totally understandable!! Especially when we are told to keep magnets away from electronics all the time!! That happens so rarely that we won't have to worry about it. For example, iPad 2 and later models all have magnets on the side but we don't really worry about it (I remember this old article that iPad 2 have strong enough magnets to shut off defibrillators - Not sure how much of it is true though)
I've seen tens of similar products but this design is pretty awesome. Good Job!