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Ideagrid is a community for people to share new project ideas and features. Vote on new ideas and provide constructive feedback for makers looking for help. The direction of Ideagrid itself can and will be shaped by how people aim to use the platform.

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I have a ton of ideas, last updated count was 62. I am sure I won't be able to work on 99% of them. But I still feel they're great, I will put them on Idea Grid and hope someone will pursue it with a lot of passion.
@siddharth_mungekar1 You are a legend Siddharth! Thank you.
Hey folks! I'm really excited to finally hunt this project!!! It has been a repo in GitHub for almost a year although the core functionality was finished much faster. The devil is in the details which can add up! After launching I realized how many idea aggregators/communities are on ProductHunt, many of which are incredible. Shout out to them now:, Ideas Are Worthless, and IdeaZap Like the aforementioned Ideas Are Worthless, a lot of times they are, but don't always have to be. For this reason, I want to open up the roadmap and future of Ideagrid to the community. I would love to open source the code as well, once I clean some things up 🤣. Thanks so much for taking the time to look. Cheers, Craig
@craigkahle neat idea! However, I'm not getting a confirmation email though, and it doesn't let me log in without it. Also, would be nice to have my email and password sent over https, rather than http. I'll try and see later if I got the confirmation email.
@vrepsys Hey Val. Thanks for signing up! Have you still not received a confirmation?
Have you thought about seeding some content first? Perhaps by parsing Twitter for ideas or copying them from other websites. It's difficult to grow such a platform otherwise.
@yan_sidyakin Very good point. In the beginning, it's tough to look like a thriving community, but I do want the submissions on Ideagrid to be genuine and come from the platform itself, even if I have to write dummy seeds. Thanks for the feedback.
Thanks for bringing your creation to life! Is this kind of the same as Producthunt for Makers? I also remember commenting on Ideas Are Worthless, I knew their platform had major flaws and it doesn't look like they have much activity going on now. What are your plans for Ideagrid, how would you make it different and useful to users? If I have a great idea, what's my incentive of posting it? Thanks!
@alexwinkyface Of course! So, to answer your question, yes. It is very similar.. I was right about to launch when Makers dropped, then waited a bit... BUT, I would be remiss not to at least launch my first product and see where it takes me. To answer your questions: 1. I want to add basic feature roadmapping for ideas 2. A flag to make ideas private 3. Ways to connect similar ideas (elasticsearch) 4. An indicator of realistic ideas that are in progress vs wild pipe dream ideas -C