Ideas Are Worthless

Like Product Hunt. But for Ideas.

Everyone has startups ideas. Most are pretty worthless. Post post your startup idea and get honest feedback from other makers before you start building your product.

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Hey Product Hunters! The Problem ๐Ÿค” โ€”  Makers have 10 ideas bubbling around and don't know which one has most value. The Solution ๐Ÿ›  โ€” Product Hunt for Ideas. A simple ideas list where the best ideas of the day filter to the top. Makers can discuss each others ideas and give feedback. Hopefully this stops people building things nobody wants. ๐ŸŽ‰๐ŸŽ‰
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@harrydry first off, kudos on building the site, looks great! Now for some criticism, hope you don't mind (mwuahhaha) If you know that you have a great idea, you'd probably be reluctant to share it on the site; instead you would start working on it :) I think most entrepreneurs bring their ideas to their target prospect customers first, and based on their feedback validate if the idea has some merit. Honestly, that's probably the best way to go about it... So in your case, you can turn your site into a business service where you would survey targeted audience on behalf of a startup and come up with a report showing how much their idea is needed. Just my 2 cents... hope that helps!
@alexwinkyface Hi Alex, Firstly thanks for such an in depth reply. And what your proposing, is certainly interesting! I actually do disagree with your initial point. The point of the website is that: "Ideas are overrated. Don't take them too seriously. Be open with them." For example, there are now about 10 clones of The idea itself isn't whats valuable. What's valuable is that Marc had the network and following to grow it.
A fun product. I've already left some comments and it seems a good place for brainstorming.
@petecodes thanks Pete :)
@petecodes Did you add the dating app for people called Arnold?
@yesnoornext will do, hehe
So something like Product Hunt but on idea stage, right?
@pdziedzicz Yes Sir. Absolutely
Hey Product Hunters! The idea came from friends and clients constantly running ideas past me to get my opinion. It's hard to tell if an idea has potential without putting out there (even in a small way), and it's even harder to muster the resources to make it into a real product. Harry and I thought we'd open up this process to let the community decide and see where it goes from there. By way of background โ€“ I run a product agency called Crowdform ( and a venture builder called Ourselves โ€“ so identifying good ideas is a core part of what we do. Read more here - But the most important step is actually building them, and doing so better and faster than the competition. Part of the purpose of Ideas Are Worthless is to reach out to founders who might want to work with us, and can demonstrate to us, investors and customers that their ideas aren't...worthless. You might be able to tell - it's heavily influenced by Scott Adamsโ€™ quote โ€œIdeas are worthless. Execution is everything.โ€ Great to see a response and thanks for using!

I will be curious to see companies use this platform. Do you plan to offer an anonymous mode?


Have quick feedbacks about what your consider as a big idea.



That is a great shout to add anonymous - my only hesitation would be it could digress the conversion with SPAM. We'll run a test for a day with no login and see the response.