Instant idea feedback and validation from entrepreneurs

IdeaZap is a platform where you can receive feedback on your ideas quickly from a community of entrepreneurs.

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I see a drawback: You must validate your idea with your target audience. Otherwise, validation will be useless. Keep in mind IdeaZap is a community of entrepreneurs, as you point out.
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@inthe0n Good point. I've updated the description to "Instant idea feedback". IdeaZap right now is useful for gauging general interest. However, my goal in the near future is to allow users to subscribe to topics, say parenting, and allow ideas to be targeted to these specific topics for a better validation. Cheers ✌️
Hi all, IdeaZap is a place to get quick feedback on ideas you might have. Currently, you can: 📣 Submit ideas: Get feedback on ideas you might have 👍 Vote on ideas: A simple thumbs up or down 💬 Give feedback: Let the idea owner know if you'd pay for his idea or give general feedback 📧 Sign up to an idea: Give your email to the idea owner for further updates IdeaZap is in beta - and built without code 🙌 Let me know what you think! Cheers, JJ
Love this so much! One thing, can you make it possible to pick NO topics? I'd like to see everything without particular filters.
@gsimone Thanks! As of now, filters aren't being applied, what you're seeing is everything. Filtering by topics will come at a later date.
What did you use to build without code?
Great concept, I'll be using this. Also, I really appreciate the design of your landing page!