Icons8 Lunacy 2.0


Sketch viewer for Windows with features for HTML/CSS coding


Chris Messina
@chrismessina · 🏆 PH Community Member of the Year!
This is great. I'm not a Windows user, but the fact that Sketch is Mac-only is now a little less painful!
@visualpharm · Icons8 team member
Hello Product Hunt! First things first, thank you @chrismessina for hunting us! 🙏 We are very excited to launch Icons8 Lunacy 2.0: Standalone Sketch Viewer for Windows ELEGANT VIEWER Read Sketch files on Windows without annoying Mac plugins that sync to the server. Works great with files that contain: text, raster images, even gradients, and shadows. C… See more
Muhammad Vaid
@movaid7 · Computer Engineering Undergrad
Finally a Windows viewer for Sketch! Awesome. Been hoarding templates in anticipation of this
Marina Yalanska
@myalanska · CMO and Content Writer for Tubik Studio
Congrats, guys, keep rocking!
Guilhem Menard
@gui_lhem · Lilo - The easy way to grow fresh herbs
Great work from a great team!