Icons8 Lunacy 2.0

Sketch viewer for Windows with features for HTML/CSS coding

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Icons8 Lunacy 2.0 is a free viewer for Sketch files on Windows with handy features for HTML/CSS coding. It helps developers, product managers, and UX specialists to easily open and work with .sketch files that designers on Mac tend to send them.

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IvanMaker@visualpharm · Icons8 team member
Hello Product Hunt! First things first, thank you @chrismessina for hunting us! 🙏 We are very excited to launch Icons8 Lunacy 2.0: Standalone Sketch Viewer for Windows ELEGANT VIEWER Read Sketch files on Windows without annoying Mac plugins that sync to the server. Works great with files that contain: text, raster images, even gradients, and shadows. CSS EXPORT See CSS properties of any object and copy them with a single click. ASSETS EXPORT The properties that you use frequently get highlighted. Icons8 Lunacy doesn't require connection to the internet, thus developers can work on Sketch files from anywhere. And have we mentioned that Icons8 Lunacy is completely FREE? 😀 We would love to hear your comments and feedback! And thank you all for your support! ❤️
Chathura Kudahetti@chathura_kudahettie · Web Designer, Villvay
Thanks @visualpharm and Icon8 team for making our jobs a bit easier.
IvanMaker@visualpharm · Icons8 team member
@chathura_kudahettie You are most welcome! Let us know which features you would like to see in future versions.
Chris MessinaHunterPro@chrismessina · Go ahead, AMA 👉🏻 molly.com/chris
This is great. I'm not a Windows user, but the fact that Sketch is Mac-only is now a little less painful!
Kunal Bhatia@kunalslab · Co-founder & Design Lead @SlidesUp
@chrismessina also easier for anyone who still needs to convince their dev partners to switch to a Sketch-based design workflow!
IvanMaker@visualpharm · Icons8 team member
@kunalslab @chrismessina Exactly! No more "I can't open this Sketch-file on Windows" or "I'm on top of Mount Kilimanjaro and I have no internet connection here" 😃
Muhammad Vaid@movaid7 · Computer Engineer
Finally a Windows viewer for Sketch! Awesome. Been hoarding templates in anticipation of this
IvanMaker@visualpharm · Icons8 team member
@movaid7 You must have quite the collection of templates by now :) Time to use them as intended!
Muhammad Vaid@movaid7 · Computer Engineer
@visualpharm can't wait to start (but sadly have to, with classes ongoing)
IvanMaker@visualpharm · Icons8 team member
@movaid7 All the best with your classes!
Marina Yalanska@myalanska · CMO and Content Writer for Tubik Studio
Congrats, guys, keep rocking!
IvanMaker@visualpharm · Icons8 team member
@myalanska Thank you for your kind words and support!
Guilhem Menard@gui_lhem · Lilo - The easy way to grow fresh herbs
Great work from a great team!
IvanMaker@visualpharm · Icons8 team member
@gui_lhem Thank you, Guilhem! We are doing our best to help the community of developers and designers. We are a part of this community and it is natural to give back to the community.