The world’s greatest DJs in one spot! (early beta access)

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Hey, @stefanoscozzese! Thanks for the early access (I feel special). :) Your approach is very interesting. I've browsed through DJ profiles like Steve Aoki, deadmau5, and Mord Fustang and it feels like I'm getting an "backstage pass." That said, the music space is suuuuper competitive and filled with skeletons. Why does iam.dj need to exist?
iam.dj® is a brand new social platform created to connect the Electronic Music World. You will never find a fake profile, iam.dj® certifies and synchronizes all DJs accounts (i.e. iam.dj/tiesto) and collects in one page all content from their social platforms, Twitter for status updates and Soundcloud, Mixcloud, Beatport, Traxsource, Juno, Youtube, Vimeo for music and video. In line with the philosophy of PLUR (peace, unity, love, respect), the heart of the platform is the "respect" that incorporates the concept of the follow on Twitter or like on Facebook. Give your “Respect" to DJs to stay updated, discover music, videos and events, all in one spot! iam.dj® focuses only on Electronic Music World and bridges the gap of the dispertion of contents. Discover through the real-time hype the hottest trending hashtags from DJs around the world. You can try our private beta at http://producthunt.iam.dj Respect ;)
Please continue playing the next song in the activity stream. Also how can i filter by song length? (to fetch only mixes) Disclaimer: I am a heavy soundcloud and mixcloud user
Thanks @rrhoover . iam.dj is not just a music platform, it's a platform to connect the Electronic Music World, the fastest growing mainstream genre in the world because the social medias are a natural marketing platforms, however "the sector remains absolutely fragmented”. iam.dj includes not only audio tracks, but full DJ-sets, live events, and the hottest and most recent trends of DJs, the new rock stars, all in one spot.
@andreasklinger thanks for the suggestions, both features are planned to be in our next release. Respect ;)