A new way to enhance your mental health and motivation

Hypnopedia is an iOS App that plays affirmations while you sleep to stimulate positive life changes. The moment for reading affirmations is selected depending on the individual physiology and general principles of memory functioning in a dream.
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👋 Hi Product Hunt! I'm Dr. Andrew Sokol, MD, PhD Belarusian State Medical University, Brain geek and CEO of Hypnopedia. The events of recent months have given us little reasons for optimism. Our internality and self-confidence underwent invisible and therefore very dangerous stressful attacks which overwhelmed the nervous system. While there is a lot of talk about the benefits of physical activity, mental health is rarely discussed. However it is no less important and requires regular discipline to maintain it. That is why we have developed a universal algorithm for increasing self-confidence and self-awareness. It plays short inspirational phrases (affirmations) while the user is asleep without waking him. Why was the dream chosen? We spend almost a third of our lives in a dream. This time is considered passive for the brain to rest and to process the experience received on the eve. It is when the brain decides what to put in a long-term memory and what to forget. However, during these eight hours, the brain is able to receive clues through specific short phrases for further memory consolidation. Based on the last 3-5 years of USA ( https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc... ) and French scientific ( https://www.nature.com/articles/... ) somnology research, we have developed the application for tracking sleep phases and to use this time for repeating simple and motivating affirmations or consolidate other “daytime experience” in the so-called intermediate memory. In this case, the process of memory reactivation occurs and the brain better assimilates familiar information. THE BENEFITS OF USING «HYPNOPEDIA»: – Grants new way to work on your mental health and motivation; – Delivers deep relaxation before sleep through ASMR and 3D sound player; – Makes your mind clear, alert and focused on your goals; – Wakes you up at the most appropriate time with a Smart Alarm clock. HOW IT WORKS It is proven that the more often your brain receives positive stimulations, the better the information is preserved, since it begins to be perceived as important and as a result can influence your daily behavior. The moment for reading affirmations is chosen based on the individual physiology of a person and general principles of memory functioning in a dream. Specially tuned algorithms identify the specific phase of sleep, when the brain is most susceptible to information received from external sources. The process of memory consolidation occurs at this exact timeframe. Usually a person goes through 3-6 full sleep cycles per night. REM sleep phases become more frequent by morning and this is the best time to be woken up, which will be taken care of by a built-in “smart” alarm clock. Apple Watch performs functions of a personal sensor since it is equipped with all necessary tools, such as microphone, accelerometer and optical heart rate sensor. FREE VERSION INCLUDES: • The free version of the application includes a “Smart” Alarm clock that wakes you up at the most appropriate time before the set wake-up time. PREMIUM VERSION INCLUDES: • Access to the core feature of Hypnopedia for playing affirmations throughout the night; • ASMR and 3D-player for deep relaxation and meditation. We have excellent news! If our product gets a #1 badge in ‘Product Of The Month’ nomination, then we will make access to all the features of Hypnopedia completely free for all and forever! This includes ASMR and Affirmations during sleep. Please share this news with your friends!
@dr_andrew_sokol Hi, i would love to try! How could i get the promo code, thanks!
@tamtungsg Hi, here is your promocode 9X9L6XFEPRXP
@dr_andrew_sokol Is it just me, or have you guys massively gamed this listing? Many of these comments look fake or contrived. Not the normal Product Hunt style responses. I am thoroughly unconvinced by what you've got here.
@citeworks Yeap, we also think that we gave our limited promo codes for many people who don’t deserve it.
@dr_andrew_sokol Dear Dr. Andrew, congratulations for launching and working on a good product. I download Hypnopedia. How can I get promo code. Thank you.
Amazing! Can't wait to try!
@helene_malyutina1 Thnx ) You can try it right now, our application available worldwide. Please, use this promocode: HA6TJ63MP63X
Congratulations! Your concept looks very interesting. Do you plan to make the app accessible for android devices (incl. watch)?
@daniel_gaechter Thank you. Yes, the Android version is definitely within our plans.
@daniel_gaechter @dr_andrew_sokol +1 for an android /wear OS version. is there a newsletter or way to subscribe for updates? or is f to follow the twitter account enough?
@daniel_gaechter @dr_andrew_sokol While we are qt it, do you plan to add it to the (at-times lack-lusting) MAC app store? Meaning the separate Apple store for Apple Inc.'s laptops and desktops>most of us work on these devices?
Congratulations @dr_andrew_sokol and the team on the launch. I have been using the app for a few weeks and I can see some positive results already. Initially, I was using it without the Apple Watch and it felt something is missing in the described experience. After switching the use with Apple Watch, the results were seen. Interesting concept and highly recommended for feeling positive and motivated throughout the day.
@divjpatel Thanks for you feedback! We will work further for better result!
@divjpatel Thank you, Divyansh! We truly appreciate your support and feedback!
I have recently separated from my husband of 23 years. Recently as in , last October😫 I have been depressed with no motivation the past few months and I must get out of this rut. Looking forward to trying out your app!
@kristen_shomer You have experienced a very difficult life test, please accept our sincere sympathy. The whole idea behind our application was to support and provide additional motivation to people with situations like yours. We believe that regular use of Hypnopedia in combination with other mental practices will help you return to a happy life. Here is a promo code for you to have access to all premium feature for 1 month: LNYNPEXYHJW4 Be happy!